I confess I'm gay.

I excepted being gay when I was 15 I'm 30 now and I want to tell my friends and family but I can't confess being gay out of respect and not being disowned.

19 days

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  • Y'all live over by the Academy? Me too! I attend Holy Cross on Carson

  • I have never heard of carson f*** off and no you don't live there your name is fake and you can't seem to make up your mind if you live in murfreesboro or mt pleasent so please stop

  • Sorry, that was actually an auto-correct my phone did. Holy Cross is on CASON. Cason Lane, not Cason Trail

  • I never heard of cason lane either

  • Is your sister fat too?

  • Which one?

  • No you don't and you are lying what is the address

  • No you confess thay you are that stupid a******* jackie the dumbass

  • I did not write this s*** you are an a******

  • I would not say things on this site they talk nasty and they think i am writing all these stories down

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