I was straight yesterday...

I am a 40 yr old married male. Never had any attraction to men at all. Yesterday I had to transport a female client across state. We have a college intern running around the office so the boss sent him along to guard against inappropriate allegations. We dressed for comfort as it was a 4 hour drive. Sam (the intern) was a 21 yr old college kid. Maybe 5-6, 140# and very obviously gay. Sam was wearing sweats and a t-shirt. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. We made the trip and headed back. We were nearly back to the office when we stopped for gas. I joked about "need a beer". Sam jumped right in with "h*** yes". He seemed cool so we grabbed a 12 pack. I knew a back road to the office that ran by a river. There is a secluded boat launch off the road out of site. It was dark so it was deserted and perfect to kill a few drinks. We talked and joked when Sam laughed so hard he spit out his beer. He said "I nearly peed my panties". I immediately questioned "Panties"?? Sam replies, "yes, I never wear boys underwear". I joked about seeing them. Sam kinda giggled then turned away from me and pulled his sweats down to his knees to reveal a cute pair of red thong panties. I was in shock. Sam's ass was amazing! Smooth, tight and perfect. Any 21 yr old girl would kill for an ass like that. I don't know what made me do it but I stepped forward and began fondling his ass. He let go of the sweats and they fell to his ankles. He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of the sweats. There he stood, in front of me, his legs were also smooth and were just as hot as his ass. 10 minutes later he was bent over the hood of the car and I was slowly pushing my c*** into his ass. Suddenly I felt my c*** enter him and OMG he was tight. It felt great. I started slowly f****** his ass until I was b**** deep then I started f****** harder. I didn't last long before I flooded his ass with c**. We got dressed and had another beer as we were getting ready to leave. My c*** was still rock hard thinking about what had just happened. I ordered Sam to strip and pushed him into the back seat of the car. He was face down and this time time I just shoved my c*** all the way in with one thrust. He was still wet and full of c**. I grabbed onto his shoulders and started f****** him as hard as I could. I lasted a lot longer this time and really enjoyed it. When I came it felt like I shot a gallon, I just kept c******! I dropped him off at his car and headed home. Went immediately to the shower then bed. I was still super h**** and pulled the wife up on all 4's. I got immediately hard thinking about f****** Sam's ass so I was ready for some p****. I f***** her and shot my 3rd load in just a few hours. Afterwards she commented about how "eager" I was. I just played it off and went to sleep.

May 6, 2021

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