It’s been a year

Well next month is my 25th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day marks the one year anniversary of the most incredible sexual experience in my 50 years on this earth.

Last Mother’s Day my son’s track friends came over for a pool party, after my son left for work (he delivers pizza. His twin friends decided to stay and swim. I knew the boys since they were in diapers so it was no big deal. I retreated into the master bedroom and sat in the sitting area to read while the twins swam. I remembered how cute they were as little boys but now they were 18 and all grown up.

After everyone left they took off their swim trunks and began to skinny dip. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at their young muscular bodies and how large their “equipment” was. I found myself rubbing my kitten and getting very wet. I quickly took off my swimsuit and pleasured myself while I watched them run around the pool. I was in awe of their huge black c****. I couldn’t help but remember changing their diapers and telling Shamika that her boys were so handsome and hung even as babies.

I closed my eyes and began to finger my kitty and then the boys walked in the room and offered to help. They were already rock hard. Both boys popped inside bothe my mouth and p****. I never had a black man before much less been with two men at the same time it was incredible. But the best part was when my husband arrived as I lied exhausted and nine on the bed. He began foreplay and then began to give me oral while my kitten was full with the c** of both of the twins and he didn’t know it. He kept driving his tongue deeper and saying how wet I was and how much he loved the way my kitty tastes.

Ever since that day I crave BBC. My husband is well endowed. He is 9 inches and tops out all the time but those boys are so long and THICK.

May 9, 2021

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  • You all need Jesus. And to the writer of this post, get help and enough with this tomfoolery of this "story". Repent and believe the Gospel.

  • Hi Dear, I would love to see you as a whole showing everything. please send me your pic .

  • I’m 50, Dark brown hair about mid shoulder, pale complexion with blue eyes.

    I’m about 5 foot 9. I am a mother of four 25, 22, 19 and 17.

    I’m not in as good of shape as mothering 3 boys and a girl is rough on the body (especially with breast feeding). So my b****** are not very perky any longer but I have huge areoles and large poky nipples. And my girls squeeze into a C cup but they tend to flow out a bit. I prefer to have them over flow as My hubby finds that sexy.

    My measurements are 38, 31,40.

    So you can see I am OK but not a hot sexy MILF like I was when I was in my 30’s

  • Vow!!You are a sexy lady with blue eyes.That's a great turn on.I would love to see you.Send me a pic

  • How old are you, Jerome?

    How big is you equipment?

    You know I’m 50, and my b**** are saggy after breast feeding 4 kids.

    Where do you live?

  • I am 32 with 9inch long equipment.understand that you are 50. But would love to see you.Send me your pic

  • Hmmm....

    Your just seven years older than my oldest son and 18 years younger than I am.

    I started having s** at 14 so you could easily be my son. That is so sexy. 9 inches is nice. That is the size of my husband and a bit shorter than the twins.

    But the real question is girth.

    I’ve had access to my husband’s 9 in her for more than 25 years and it’s fun. But my kitty needs to be STRETCHED.

    Are you equipped to make my kitty stretch out and MOAN?

  • You Lucky!! I'm in my mid-40s and now in live with BBCs. Most are well endowed in length and girth and fills my p**** sooo well - good for deep f****.

  • I know. My husband is long (just short of nine inches). I’ve had no one but him for almost 25 years but the twins are incredible.

    They are only 19 but hung like stallions. There is nothing better than seeing that huge BBC entering you. That big black monster entering my white kitten is so beautiful.

    I’ve been blessed with length in my marriage but this woman has to say that length is great but GIRTH is GODLY

  • I too would love to see pics of you. I am a bi racial 53 year old male. I love real women! Please send any and all pics or messages to

    I will also share plenty of stories if you want as well!!

  • Mmmmm.

    Bi racial, so you are black and white? Does that mean you are well endowed?

    How big are you, baby? Can you stretch me out? My husband is hung well. But I need girth to fulfill my needs

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