Hubby don’t leave me alone

I confess that we got the afternoon off at work to go to the town fair. My husband decided not to go because it’s always the same boring thing. We had fun, listening to band music and drinking. My boss gave me a ride home but before he stopped to drop his wife at their home. I didn’t want him to feel like my driver so I moved to the front seat. We were both tipsy, he put his hand on my thigh and told me he had a surprise for me. He stopped at a friend’s place and invited me in. His friend wasn’t there and he dropped his pants to show his manhood. It was early around 5 PM. He came close to me and I couldn’t help grabbing his manhood all hard. I had never been with another man in my whole life, It took me by surprise at my 52. He is 20 years younger than me. He kissed my neck and rubbed his body against mine. I felt his manhood real good. I thought of my husband as his hands slid under my summer dress to grab my buttocks while we rubbed our bodies against one another. It was imminent I was going to get laid. I thought of the consequences and the risk was very low. I already went through menopause. He turned me around and bent me over the kitchen counter. He pulled my panties down started licking me down there. I gave up to pleasure. It’s been a while I didn’t feel so much passion. When he penetrated me I was all wet. With every thrust I thought of my husband with embarrassment but I was already cheating on him and couldn’t or didn’t want to stop. My boss knew it was safe so he discharged all his milk inside me. He then took me home and I got there at 6 as if nothing had happened.


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  • I f***** a girl who works for me. I had been showing interest her by giving all the easy projects at work and then helping her with those. During her review I gave her all high marks basically saying she was the best employee I had. I would talk dirty to her and she would giggle like a girl playfully tell me to stop as she touches my shoulder, arm, or hand. So one day I flat out tell her that I fancy her and want to have s**. She tells me No, and I let it drop. Being a big corporation I wasn't interested in losing my job so I started to distance myself from her. She immediately noticed this and asked what the problem was. I told that I had probably crossed a line, but she assured me that I hadn't and the only reason she had said No was because she is married and needed to think about stepping out on her husband as this was something she had never done before. Again we let it drop and several weeks later her and I came in to work early. When I got there she asked if I wanted to leave and go have s**. I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes. So we left and went down the road, jumped in the backseat of my car and had s**. It was amazing and she was such a wonderful body, smooth and beautiful. The smell of her body and hair drove me crazy. After we had s** we headed back to work with her telling me the whole time not to say anything. I promised her I would, and I haven't.

  • It’s fu ck ers like you who help ruin marriages. All you do is plant a seed and let them simmer. Then you sit back and fu ck another mans wife. Get your own ya lousy fu ck! When you do I hope she cheats on you so you can feel what it’s like you ass!
    The worst part is you actually bribed her or blackmailed her by distancing yourself after you had built her up with all those easy assignments and helping her. She didn’t have a choice because her job was a stake.

  • I agree I hope she went home and f***** her husband , so she could see who the best f*** was 💋💋

  • Dude you couldn't at least spring for a Hotel room?

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