I am a 20 year old guy who fantazies in being stripped humiliated

I am a 20 year old guy close to turning 21, I have no social life, I am addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and especially psychostimulants like methylphenidate and I was the target of jokes and humiliations throughout my adolescence at schoolI was very excluded at school, from 11 to 14 years old,when the school kids came to talk to me, they always spoke as if they were talking to a mentally retarded debile , I was summoned to fight with a smaller bully than me, who was more muscular and too bad for me, Besides that he knew how to fight karate so I lowered my head and was cursed, humiliated and had objects thrown at me and I never when I finally changed schools, but I continued on my own for fear of being humiliated and the target of bullying. nowadays whenever i'm drugged or often without drugs i also find myself imagining myself in a school full of children between the ages of 4 and 14 plus a few 15,16,17 years, but most of them 95 % are children from 4 to 12 years old, all white, hair of varying colors but almost all straight or slightly wavy, all children are rich, powerful, high class, very smart and malicious, cruel (in the sense of praise), selfish and with psychopathic and narcissistic minds and mostly 75% are boys / boys / male people present there. I imagine myself surrounded by these children on all sides while several of them film me with the latest generation cell phones and transmit on their live social network pages my slavery, humiliation, domination, submission, ridicule, servitude and being used as a s** slave slave without right to nothing but obey on the spot and without question. so I imagine they call me b****, s***, dirty, w****, filthy, broken ass, raped b****, chick licking b****, sausage sucker, c** drinker (sperm) and p***. after that the boys order me to take off all my clothes and get completely naked and then they throw a chastity belt and a pink chock electric collar in my face and order me to put both accessories on myself (the belt) chastity will only be removed when the boys decide that it should be done and it will only be done for their amusement such as seeing my little, impotent, ugly, crooked, humiliated, with feminine appearance and without any hair, and with a very white glans, lifeless, dry and small), after putting the accessories on, the boys start to make rows of 3 pairs and start to put their already hardened and wet penises out of their pants / shorts / underpants, so I should be crawling 4 like b****** until the face gets close to the boys 'd**** and then I should start praising the boys' d****, I should say things like: look at what I paint / beautiful, fragrant, delicious, big, thick, symmetrical, potent, strong, male, manly d**** , alpha s, healthy, extremely attractive, seductive, addictive, magnificent and with such a good taste that nothing in the world can surpass the pleasure of licking and sucking those hot turtledoves, I should also praise the color of the boys' d****, if they have a purple glans I should to say how perfect and masculine the purple color is, if it is red glans, then I must praise the boy’s d*** saying how red is a perfect color, beautiful, strong, attractive, sexy and everything, if it is a p**** glans beige or whiter skin color I should praise saying when these colors are attractive, beautiful, sexy, masculine, virile and everything else I can say before they order me the next stage of my bondage, already in this stage the boys slap me in the face and spit in my face and mouth and after that they order me to start sniffing, kissing, licking, sucking, sucking, masturbating and pleasing theirdicks like the obedient b**** that I am, they often get me too hair and f*** my mouth as if f bone a p**** by sticking your luscious, big, thick, virile, beautiful d****, all the way to the bottom of my throat, broken into an unusually high speed, because they are young, strong, healthy, virile, with a lot of sexual l*** to be relieved, I must lick and eat all the cheese (s*****) from the boys' d**** and keep sucking until they come in my mouth, so I should drink all the sperm (thick and hot milk from them) and I should always say how grateful I am to be able to suck, smell, see , admire, kiss, lick, massage, praise, receive loads of c** and clean, lick and eat s***** (cheese) and get f***** by the mouth and the ass by the big, thick, smelling, beautiful, veiled d**** ... of the more young boys popular, funky, alpha, dominant, beautiful, sexy, seductive, muscular, intelligent, strong, cruel (in the sense of praise), relentless, psychopathic (in the sense of praise always, because I have never seen and will never see any defect in these children, I am just a slave, submissive, usable and disposable). if i haven't said it yet, i must say that while they f*** my mouth and make me suck several chicks of various ages between 4 and 12 years old others f*** my ass from behind with their own d****, using a condom or without a condom after cleaning my ass with a water hose, or else they put rubber d****, stick glues, miniature cars, flashlights, real firearms pipes, fingers and hands, spoons and everything else they want to put in my broken ass, usually the ones that most shove things in my ass are the girls, since the boys prefer to shove their wonderful d**** in my ass, u broken into a b****, some girls also wear belts with built-in d***** / p**** and then start to f*** my ass until they feel satisfied with my submission. boys from 3 to 8 years old are very fond of p****** in my mouth and watching me drink every bit of the hot pee that comes out of their d**** which, despite being d**** of boys in their childhood, are still much bigger, thick, veined, beautiful d**** , fragrant, masculine, attractive and much more praises than my tiny, loose, submissive, beta, humiliated, feminized, impotent, crooked, lifeless, parched and wilted broxa d***. the youngest boys in the age group from 3 to 8 years also like to use me to lick the cheese off their d****' heads, since at this age the boys never wash their d**** and produce a lot of cheese (s*****), which is not a complaint in no chance, since only you reader think i was complaining i got two slaps in the face and i will have to smell, kiss, lick and suck the beautiful feet and i will also have to suck on the hard, fragrant, tasty, virile c***, alpha, masculine, powerful, veined, symmetrical, dominant, with a perfectly developed glans and with a foreskin that can be retracted to the end (base of the p****), something that usually happens when your big d*** gets hard, a white d*** and a purple glans with a lot of cheese (s*****) from bryann, a boy from his 3 ~ 5 years, white, straight hair slightly wavy and very black cut in a mushroom shape, brown eyes and seductive smile, beautiful and with a lot of cruelty in the background (in the sense of compliment) . usually the kids from the elementary school between 3 and 8 years old also use me a lot as a foot cleaner. I have to smell, kiss, lick, suck, clean, massage, put on and take off any sneakers or socks or garments they want. I am also used as a horse in games that children put networks on me and after riding me they can gallop, neigh and do whatever they want. sometimes they also take the chastity belt from me, allowing my little d*** to be immediately stiff in the face of the incredible sight of so many seductive, beautiful, perfect, powerful, attractive, true bad boys, smart, canny and much more compliments than not I remember why I am stupid and why I would not fit in this humble text typed by a geek, weak, loser, little girl, s** slave, b****, s***, loose, cuckold meek, fearful, cowardly, sentimental, useless, ugly, disposable and that only serves to clean chicks, feet, armpits, sweat, cheese (s*****), drink urine (tasty p*** from boys who have me as a private slave), I say that even though I was born with 1 stunted p****, small, useless, impotent, beta and ugly i'm actually a young lady, or better saying a little s** doll of young boys who are developing their incredible alpha male skills, because in the future they will be alpha men (since they are already alpha children, dominant s, strong, leaders, unrelenting, unbeatable, beautiful, healthy and everything else positive you can imagine and still it will not be enough to describe all the qualities of the boys who have me as a private slave). children when they decide to release my poor, loser, submissive and withered p**** from its strong bonds and chastity belt chains, they like to laugh, mock, humiliate, point, photograph and torture my p**** when it gets hard, they hit my little eggs with pieces of wood, they give electric shocks to my glans with electroshock pens and weapons, pull my foreskin with pliers and threaten to circumcise me while they delight in my fear, anguish, pain and evident defeat and humiliation with total submission. the boys also order me to shave all the few that I have on the p**** and this is done in public because they always decide that I better be a public show so that I always remember my extremely low place in the hierarchy (I'm just above mentally ill, old people who s*** on clothes and animals, provided they are not animals of any of the bullies (in a good way) boys who subordinate me to slavery, servitude and humiliation. nor am I above any disabled old man who wears diapers or r***** mental, since they are related to or close to the boys who dominate me, however in these cases the boys themselves chained me totally naked in public while they themselves beat, dominate, humiliate, torture, degrade and subjugate the retarded and old diaper s****. I am also obliged to be a driver for the boys, especially 4 ~ 6 year old bryann, because he was the one who chose me to be his slave in all aspects, I have to look for him avoid mr bryann wherever he wants to go, when he wants to go and the way he wants to go, with no chance of questioning (I never felt like questioning his orders.part 1

May 15, 2021

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  • It is to long and you really seam to live in this fantasy world to much.
    Try staying sober for a while!!!!!!
    Have a good life!!

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