I literally just hate myself

I hate my face. i hate the shape of it. i hate my skin because of all the freckles i get from the sun and how it is never clear. i hate my eyebrows. i hate my short eyelashes. i hate my lips. even with a ton of makeup im still not pretty.

i also hate my body. i have a wide ribcage and broad shoulders. no hips but hip dips at the same time. uneven hips. flat. shaped like a door. skinny everywhere except my stomach. stretch marks. been called anorexic, been told to eat.

yeah, i can play sports, but i have never felt that amazing feeling of being the best. there's always someone better than me. i'm mediocre. same goes for school. i try my best, i get mostly good grades, but that is because i do barely any honors classes. in fact, i'm dropping my honors classes next year because im too dumb compared to everyone else.

i am so done lol.

Next Confession

Maybe I'm a freak, but I'm gonna ask my parents to ground me

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  • I wouldnt worry. I wont lie and say looks dont entirely matter, but the people who actually give a ** about you dont care what you look like. You rock bro.

  • You need to get laid. Not that hard to do for a woman, no matter how ugly you think that you are

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