I'm a newly married female (14 months)..and i don't know who's baby I'm carrying .... my husbands or his brothers... i f***** them on the same day.... my husband at night and my brother in law the following morning

May 18

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  • The very best unknown😇😛

  • Raise it as your husband's every girl needs her secrets no one needs to know unless it's absolutely necessary like medical otherwise happy! :)

  • Its totally fine you just served the real purpose of woman to be sucked and fuckked

  • Don't worry. Get ready to take care of the baby.

  • Oh my God, you wretched b****!! I utterly love you and wish you where MY wife!! Christ, I would take such good care of you, and give you all the freedom you need or want. You are truly a delightful woman and a perfect wife!!!! I do love you so VERY much!

  • Does it matter ? really?

  • Good job. who was better in s**? it is your husband fault for leaving you so early when you are h**** and need satisfaction. The DNA is the same. enjoy both and keep your p**** filled with c** from both. i am jealous of you having both. i need a husband with multiple brothers. your experience calls for fondling myself now.

  • What are you a stupid moron Gina? The DNA is not the same idiot! Even in identical twins it is extremely rare for them to share the same DNA! Gina is not a mans name so you must be a Q**** crossdressing guy!

  • Well That was stupid and fake all in one!

  • Why did you get married? You’re nothing better than a common street *h*re

  • No, there's nothing "common" about her. This girl is truly exceptional. Omg!!! Every man's wet dream c** true!!!!!

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