Navy Blue Leotards

Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly!

Way back in the fall I stole a pair of opaque navy blue leotards (tights)
off a clothesline that belonged to an off duty policewoman and narrowly escaped capture by her. What are the chances? In the last few weeks just passing the same house I noticed a pair of old faded blue jeans and the same type of beautiful navy blue leotards and an additional black pair hanging on the line and this has happened several weeks in a row. I am so irresistibly tempted to repeat my crime. I am thinking of wearing my ripped blue jeans along with the opaque navy blue leotards that I stole (my criminal clothes) and stealing them. However, I suspect she is baiting a trap for me in an attempt recapture me! The gate to the backyard is left wide open almost as an invitation. I am sure she captured criminals in the very navy blue leotards I now wear as a trophy from our encounter. The old adage the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime seems to apply. I feel invincible in my criminal clothes and am thinking about a repeat performance! Shall I dare enter her web again?

May 18, 2021

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  • I don't have any shame, as a guy wearing any colored leotard with tights under snug jeans or kiddie style corduroy bib overalls during the cold weather. She also likes me wearing them and seeing my very aroused male assets outlined under all those warm and snug layers and looks forward to stripping them off me and eventually wins in the end and I'm soon out of all my warm snug, sexy leotards and outer clothes. She's in her early 40's and just in woman's nighttime. pajamas,then she slowly undresses me, despite my childish protesting, yet enjoying those snug warm layer of my winter outfit and leotards coming off and soon into baggy male pajamas and feeling her warm, soft body too. She really loves feeling my now exposed privates too, once I'm out of warm sexy winter outfit and nothing between us.

  • It is a trap!!!!!!!!!

  • If the policewoman is young and hot , then by all means go for it .

  • As always, that sky blue colored rather tight fitting leotard with lycra ballet style white panties under them. It feels so nice wearing it and sexy ballet panties with kiddie style snug denim bib overalls, that are a size smaller on me, yet feel nice and comfortable with the sky blue short sleeve warm weather leotard and white colored ballet panties. My rather snug spring weather outfit keeps my male genitals very aroused too. When at the doctor's for a male physical exam, all those snug and tickling attire has to come off, when being helped out of them by a lovely young nurse, who is quite turned by my sexy tight spring weather leotards and bib overalls. She is very reassuring to me, as the nurse would gently unfasten the front bib and shoulder straps, as I'll blush while holding up the bib with the now dangling back shoulder straps. those partially unbuttoned nice fitting overall were still very snug between my leotard clad body with a healthy male h******. She was very gentle and slow undressing me, as I blushed while pleading to keep them on, but to no avail, as she would say "Sorry everything has to come off and don't be embarrassed being undressed and having an erection while I'm getting you ready for the doctor." The pretty nurse finished opening all the snaps and unfastening my snug overalls, as I could feel the warm snug denim slowly being unsnugged and come off with her every pull on the overalls. Soon they were worked down to my ankles and kicking feet, as she seemed to happily get them off me. I was still in the sky blue leotard and clinging nylon ballet undies, as she would tell me "that sexy leotard and undies have to come off also" My fully erect p**** was well outlined under the sexy leotard and panties when now she was getting my arms one at a time out of the short leotard sleeves, then stripping it down to my lower waist. Oh that really was tickling and now stripping both the clinging bodysuit and ballet undies off my male privates.

  • Part 2 The pretty young nurse would just smile while peeling off my still clinging tight fitting leotard with those sexy undies. I would let out a boyish yelp, feeling those clinging leotard and ballet panties slowly come off, as my hard p**** would slip out form the last layers of sexy, tickling rolled down tight material being peeled off me by her. Once they were down to my ankles, the pretty nurse freed my kicking feet from the now tangled leotard and undies and now totally naked while she smiled like a female cat that conquered her prey. The female doctor entered the room and began doing my now naked medical exam with no gown either. She did compliment me on how healthy I looked and the nurse being happy while remarking as to my shy reactions while she was stripping off all my sexy kiddie attire.

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