First sexual experiance is a secret

My first sexual experience is secret and I wish I had someone to tell. It was so great but also so wrong. I need to get it off my chest somewhere.

In the summer going into the 8th grade I started talking to a guy in my town on snapchat who was going into college. I knew of his sister who was a little older than me. We started streaking for a few weeks. I would send him streaks seperatly where I dressed up. A few times we talked for hours. He was super funny, smart, and gave me some good advice. I didn't tell anyone.

One morning I said jokingly that we should hang out just us one day. He said that if it was low key he would. He said he had his house all to himself that day and that we could walk around a littlle first. We agreed to meet at the park and walk back to his place.

When we met, he gave me a big warm hug and a kiss on the head. We walked back to his house and he offered me a drink. I thought he was going to get me beer, but he got me water.

We were sitting on his couch talking and we started making out. My chest was thumping and it felt amazing. We started rubbing his hands all over my body. He then started rubbing and licking my p****, which felt unbelievable. I then sucked him off too, which was a little intimidating. He ran upstairs and got a condom and then we had s** on his couch.

What we did was obviously illegal, but it didn't feel that way. He constently checked in to see if I was comftrible. The other two hook ups I had he just thrusted and left when he finished. If we were the same age I would have asked him out.

May 22, 2021

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