Many moons ago.

Long part of the story short my mom and dad split the day I was born because he went and got drunk then mom tried to call him for a ride home and ended up getting a taxi and walked in on him geeting head from her sister so....After a dozen years my mom let him back into my life, I was an only child on both sides so there was a lot of push and pull, My dad moved from Colorado to California and I would go visit him when I could...Of course...It was Cali.
I started going there when I was 15 and stopped when I was 20 so I knew all his friends and was comfortable there, I was what you might call a bit of a wild child, Sneaking out and drinking and even got into some hard drugs for a bit, Not long though thank goodness. When I went to see my dad he was always drinking and never shyed away from letting me have a few and he often left me to my own devices so I was able to have a lot more freedom there than at home with mom, The one thing I didn't do was "hook up", I had it set in my mind I was waiting until I was married, At 15 I started having...Urges and decided maybe I would adjust that to just the age of 18 and somehow through my teen years of being wild and crazy I did it but didn't make it much past there, I think it was 4 days after my 18th I gave a long time guy friend of mine head, the next night we did oral on each other, The next night I let him put it in, We had a week and a half long tryst and it was basically everytime we could be alone we were banging, Anyway after a week and a half I told him we needed to take a break for a week due to "Lady issues" and after that week we really just never got back into it, We are still great friends to this day and his wife is one of my top 10 closest friends for sure.
After "lady issues week" It was about another week and I was packing to go see dad, I got off the plane and strutted through the airport like a new woman in literally nothing but my strategically chosen VERY short, pale yellow tank top (See through but not to the point of being blatant) and high waisted denim short shorts, with my new blonde hair, Keep in mind this was 1995-1996 so don't crucify me for my fashion choices. I actually changed on the plane so mom wouldn't see what I was wearing. Dad actually stopped and looked at me for a minute and then cleared his throat and said "Uh...Hi honey" LOL.
The next morning I was in a local surf shop bikini shopping and tried on a few then the girl working there who was a bit older than me came to the changeroom door and asked how I was doing, I opened the door in a bikini and she looked me up and down and said "How old are you?", I told her and she laughed and said "You wish", I showed her my license and she said "For real?, I would have guessed 16 at most", (I have always looked younger), She said "Ya know what?, I am just gonna say that knowing what I know now and with an ass like that you should be wearing one of these" and handed me a thong bikini. I froze a little and she said "Trust me", I put it on and she waited outside the door, I opened it like a scared little chipmunk and she told me to do a spin, I did and she said "Giiiirl....Damn", I said "really?" and she just nodded her head and said "Every girl on the beach including me is gonna hate you in that", I laughed and said "Why?", She said "I work out 4 days a week and still can't get my ass that nice".
So I left there with 2 thongs and 2 regular bikinis and a beach coverup, Dad's place was beach front and Day 3 I was on the beach and dad was home, He was visibly bothered by new infatuation with thongs and said "Hey, I am going to visit cathy and Dave, Wanna come?", I said "Sure" and threw on some shorts.
Cathy and Dave were dads close friends, Dave was a guy he met after moving there and Cathy was his trophy wife of 10 years, They live on a big sail boat that I never seen leave the harbour, Probably because Dave was always too drunk to sail it but anyway, they are about 10 years or so younger than my dad and are quite a party couple, We got there and Cathy always takes me to the front deck of the sailboat for "Girl talk" and wine, We got comfy and I peeled off my shorts, Cathy looked at me with one eyebrow up and I said "What?", She cleared her throat and said "That's new", I told her I had tried it and loved it, She nodded her head and said "Well, You have the body for it" which wasn't entirely true, I was short, Slim and small chested but had wider hips and a bit of a bubble but so that part I got but the rest...Meh...
Cathy and I drank and tanned and when we laid on our fronts she made some comment about having Dave's attention, I glanced back and Dave and my dad were sitting up top and Dave was looking at me then looked away, After a couple hours dad came down and said "I am gonna make a quick trip to Erica's (His GF), Are you good here or want me to drop you off at home?", I shrugged and asked if he was coming back and he said he could so I decided to stay, Dad left and we chatted, Dave came down and set up a chair very obviously positioned so he could stare at my behind, We were talking and laughing and I was a bit tipsy when I heard "Hellooo", I was about to cover up and a girl walked around the corner (Nicole).
Nicole was a brunette in her early 20's I am guessing, similar height and build as me but heavy chested and right away I caught the glare and the instant tension as she looked at Cathy and said "Uhhh, And this is?", Cathy said "This is Alen's daughter Shay", I awkwardly said "Hi" and shook her hand, She said "Ooohhh, ok, I see", We had a drink and talked a bit before her and Dave disappeared, Me and Cathy were talking and it was all I could do not to mention the fact I could feel the boat moving and was pretty sure I could hear Dave and Nicole going at it. Just then Cathy got up and said "I'll be right back" and walked away, I thought "Oh s***, There is about to be a murder" but she returned and things were quieter and the boat wasn't moving.
Dad didn't come back for a long time and when he did he stopped in to check on me and then said he was going to watch the game, I decided to again stay and around 6-7pm I was p*****, No two ways about it I was trashed and Cathy and I were watching as a lot of boats started moving around when people got off work, cathy urged me to stand at the railing and "Show off" I did and she was laughing, she said "Oh my god Shay, No s*** EVERY guy is staring", I laughed and after a bit sat back down, Cathy was sitting a bit closer and then she leaned in and put her hand on my leg. I felt a rush of energy when she did, It was super weird and my nips actually started to ache, No jokes, I looked down and they were rock hard, I didn't have much for b**** back then but my nips were harder than they have ever been before or since, It was such a weird feeling and they were so hard they hurt.
Before I could say yes or no Cathy kissed me and I dont know, I just kissed her back, We somehow ended up going below and I didn't even think about where Dave and Nicole were but in about 3.2 seconds Cathy and I were both naked and on the bed, It was such a whirlwind that I don't recall most of it but I remember Dave coming in and I froze a bit, Cathy assured me it was fine and then again when Nicole came in it was the same thing. I don't remeber any one single detail or anything, It was all a blur but I remember having my first big O with another person was with Cathy, Dave and Nicole were beside us, Me and Cathy were doing the 6-9 thing and I remember thinking later how dumb I must have looked, Cathy was on top, I was on the bottom, It was my one and only "Squirt" and Cathy pulled her head back, Rubbed me hard and fast and everyone stopped and watched and after we had to move beds. If I have learned one thing it's that I am a one and done kind of girl but I tried that night, I tried and tried and tried (Tee hee) I don't know if Dave was popping little blue pills out of a pez dispenser or what but he just kept going and going back and forth and with one...Two...and even all three of us.
What felt like so many hours later Cathy and I laid on the foot of the bed with her behind me spooning me while we watched Dave and Nicole's grand finale, and then it was just over....Everyone got dressed and went back up top, Had a few drinks and hung out, I sat there in disbelief that everyone was so calm and just acting like nothing happened, Somewhere around midnight Dad came back and picked me up, I said super awkward goodbyes and Cathy pulled me aside before I left saying "We should maybe not tell Arlen", I said "No s***". The next day was a flood of emotions, I cried, I masturbated, I cried some more and then when dad said He was going back to Dave and Cathy's I couldn't get in the truck fast enough.
Cathy made it clear that I had to play it cool but when she excused herself to go shower I waited a few minutes and said I had to go to the bathroom, I went below and joined her in the shower which was a huge mistake, The door burst open and dad walked in on me and Cathy on the bathroom floor, I was sitting on Cathy's face and he started screaming at Cathy. Obviously we left and he was so mad he didn't speak to me the rest of the night, I was so embarrassed I stayed in my room. The next day when he left I caught a cab to the marina, Spent the day in bed with Cathy, When Dave came home for lunch he joined us and then left us and we stayed in bed for another hour or two before I snuck home and pretended to be there all day, I snuck back 2 more days then flew home. I never did do anything on any other trips with them or anyone else but boy I thought about it.
So....There's my story, Long time reader, First time poster.

May 27, 2021

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  • Very beautiful story. I am sure as beautiful as the narrator.

  • My expoerience was very different but for whatever reason resonates with me, Not gonna post my whole thing but I hooked up with a long time family friend once and I had no idea her husband watched the whole thing until 10 years later when a comment was made by her very drunk husband at her funeral.

  • I like this real.

  • Well done . I wish you were at one of my parties .

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