Is this a fetish/kink or something to do with my mental health?

So i’m a woman on 23 and have some dreams about being hugged and comforted by any of my crushes(which is mostly fictional characters, cause i’m aromantic asexual). Especially if i had a bad day, being yelled at, dramatic moments, fights and if someone had hit on me. I’ve had those dreams since i was a child and especially when i was mentally abused by my classmate(it wasn’t a relationship but more like a friendship, i’ve never been in a relationship, had my first kiss, dated or had s** with anyone before. I’m still a virgin) i saw my fantasies as something i could escape from the reality.

I should also add that i have autism, are en empath/HSP so i don’t know if it has anything to do with this. Am i the only one who has this fetish or whatever it really is?

26 days

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  • First off, not a fetish. Fetishes are sexual and you are asexual, which is the opposite. Second, craving basic human compassion (cuddling) in a non-sexual way is about as normal as it gets. If you aren't connecting to people sexually yet still have desires to connect, it only makes sense that's what you desire. Old school psych research shows that many animals, especially apes, require physical human contact for basic sanity and health.

  • You are not the only one. you are perfectly normal. we all do. my fantasies and dreams are blue prints to what i do next. i seek to fulfill what i dream of. i look for ways to make it reality. to my surprise, i find the person who have similar dreams about me to do it with.

  • Shut up you autistic bich

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