If my male cousin only knew?

I had a cousin who lived with me and my father temporarily. I shared my bedroom with him. We both shared my bed as well. I'd sleep at one end of the bed and he would sleep at the other end. I would always hear him boast about how he would show his "chicks" his big ass d***! He talked about it so much, that i kind of wanted to see for myself! One day i was in my bedroom, sitting, when he had opened the door, after getting out of the shower. I had did a quick glance as he unwrap the towel from around him and i saw his big ass d***! I just pretended like i didn't see it, but my inner thoughts were raging like "i want to suck it so bad!". Later that night, while we got ready for bed, because we had to get up for school the next morning, while laying at my end of the bed, all i could think about was scooting down to his end and pulling his d*** out and get to sucking. It was the perfect setting. The room was dark and the door was closed. I punked out because i wasn't sure what he would think? If i would have knew he liked it... i would have been giving him some head every night, just so i can taste is nutt.

Jun 2, 2021

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