When I was a teen, my dad allowed my step-mom to abuse me mentally, and once she hit me. I was terrified of her. If I f***** up in any way, she’d make my life a living h***.

It was my habit to walk the short distance from the bathroom to my bedroom. Inadvertently, she had seen me naked.

I was briefly embarrassed, and then I understood the weapon I had at my disposal. My nudity.

I left my bedroom door open and allowed her to see me baked in the am when I was folding my laundry.

The second time, I let her see me naked and masturbating.

She was a cruel woman and I was willing to use anything I could to make her uncomfortable. I have never regretted my action.

17 days

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  • What are all of you stoned! The stepmother was an abusive AH! If she seen him naked it would have made her more mad! And since she has seen his junk both hard and soft. She would be able to describe it to a tee. She would have made a false rape or assault charge and he would have been arrested! She would have gotten her wish! He is now out of the house. And that would be the best mental abuse she could come up with. Him a registered S ex offender for life!

  • When you feel abused enough, hold her tight and tear off her dress, if possible bra. She will cool down. In any extreme situation, you should also go to the extreme, get her naked by force - f*** her. She will not make it known to others for sure!

  • You have good instinct. Use everything in your disposal to survive. i wish you service her p****. she will enjoy it and become your friend. Some women are nice when you fondle and f*** them.

  • Ngl i would do the same thing XD

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