Mom scored a good victory in our ongoing prank war!

I'm 17 and an only child. My parents divorced years ago. Dad's completely out of the picture. So, it's just me and mom and we have a really close relationship. I know a lot of girls my age don't really get along with their moms, but we do. I think part of it is that we have similar senses of humor. We both love a good practical joke! As a result, we've had a good-natured prank war going on for some time now. And, about a week ago, mom scored a good victory!

I was in the backyard. I used to run track in middle school and I was practicing wind sprints. I haven't ran competitively in forever, so I was curious about what my time would be. I used my wristwatch to time myself, btw. Anyway, I was resting between sprints when mom came up behind me. I didn't realize she was there until she put her arm around me. She said she'd been watching me run and challenged me to a race across the yard. Even though mom goes for a run every morning and I was kinda tired, I still felt like I could beat her, so I told her she was on. We took our mark and when she said go, we both took off running at full speed. I didn't get far before I found myself being jerked off my feet and onto my butt! Turns out she'd taken one end of a bungee cord and hooked it to the belt loop on the back of my pants! The other end was hooked to the chain-link fence that borders our yard.

I gotta give her credit, I never saw that one coming. You won this round, mom! Now I gotta figure out a way to get you back. :) Anyone got any good prank ideas that can compete with this?

Jun 9, 2021

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  • I am a girl,15, and started puberty late,just past 13!Shortly after i started puberty,i started wetting the bed because of it and mom and dad got me cloth diapers and plastic pants to wear to bed every night to keep my bed dry.Now at 15,i am still bedwetting and wearing the diapers and plastic pants to bed.Last weekend,dad was out of town on a business trip,and i got up and decided to make breakfast first,rather than take my diapers and plastic pants off.As i was making breakfast,i heard our dog barking and went out the front door to see what he was barking about.After i calmed him down,i went to enter the house and forgot the door was locked! I ran around to the back door and tried it and it was locked also! There i was stuck outside in my short night shirt with my diapers and plastic pants in full view! I walked around to the front of our house and knocked on my parents bedroom window to wake mom up and she let me in! I was so embarrassed being locked out and having my diapers and plastic pants on!

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