Fat People Watching

Where I live, there are quite a few chunky ladies, but almost no truly giant, super-obese women. Whenever I go out, I like to go "whale watching" and try to find a genuine fatty. I've only seen a few in years. And one day I spotted one- a real porker of a lady.

From more than a large city block away I could tell! There was a crowd of random people of various shapes and sizes, but all on the scale of "average"- and then one huge waddling blob!
From far away, I could see this girl was so huge she was actually falling behind the crowd, because it took so much effort for her to slide one massive thigh in front of the other. I could even see her gigantic belly bouncing and swaying ahead of her. Her clothing was shaped so differently from everyone else's, and I wondered if she had to order her clothes online, specially made for girls like her too obese to go shopping in a "normal" store. She had to hold her tubby little arms out as she moved because the rest of her body was so massive.

"I wonder how she got so fat?" I thought.
"I wonder how she feels about being such a butterball?"

I got closer and realized something- THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!

Like, I knew she was big, but I'm used to being around her. Seeing her like a stranger made me shocked to realize that the love of my life is actually one of the fattest ladies in the town...and it made me feel so proud!

So that answered my musing questions about her- she got so fat because of me! And she's happy and content being so huge and heavy because she loves eating so much, she doesn't care that she's now too obese to get out of bed on her own! She loves the feeling of being fat, of her whole body rippling when she moves. And she knows the bigger she gets, the more beautiful she becomes to me. She's MY butterball!

Jun 11, 2021

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  • You girlfriend is a fat blob a d she will die prematurely because she is so huge. If she having trouble keeping up with normal size people then that's a huge red flag. If she doesn't do something about her weight soon she will end up being one of those fat hogs you see in Walmart using all the electric scooters so that truely handicapped people or the elderly are out of luck. It's disgusting that so many people like your girl have made themselves so G******* fat.

  • How do I find a woman like that? Bigger around than she is tall is the way to go.

  • I love having the fattest, most obese wife every where we go. It's such a thrill waddling her into a restaurant and everyone just stops and stares. The audible gasps from the other women and the mixture of shock, fear and pity on their faces is fantastic. The snickers and looks of disgust from everyone when she can't fit in a booth or when I request and extra chair for her huge ass to sit on is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I get so worked up that we almost can't make it home to make love and there have been a few times where we had to pull our van over to some empty parking lot or field so that we can briefly satisfy our sexual desires. Life is amazing with a hugely fat wife and I hope she never loses an ounce.

  • Jesus dude.... šŸ˜†šŸ˜†šŸ˜† Aren't you embarrassed to be seen in public with her? What does your family think or say? It's one thing to have a little fat fetish but when your gal is so fat that she stands out in a crowd like a beached whale, it becomes something pathological. Maybe seek some therapy or better yet put your woman on a diet and make her lose that excess weight.

  • I'm so proud to be seen in public with her. I'm so proud of how huge she is, and she's perfectly comfortable with the way people stare and sometimes make comments about her size. Our parents are nice- they're a bit confused because "normal women" aren't supposed to quadruple in size, and a loving man isn't supposed to fatten his girl up like a sow. But they respect her lifestyle because she's happy, lovely and healthy.

    Yeah I said healthy. We love and trust each other a lot, so she's shown me all her medical stats and health records. Objectively speaking, her health is great. It's a little impractical carrying hundreds of pounds of blubber around, but she doesn't care and I don't mind helping her out all the time with her weight, it's kinda fun and cute.

  • There is nothing wrong with having and loving a fat wife. Regardless of how much she weighs she is still a person and deserving of love and respect. If I had to guess I would say that you are single and probably have never been laid without you forking over some cash.

  • Bigger is always better.

  • Seeing fat people makes me puke.

  • Sounds like my wife. My wife is 5'3" and 510 lbs, blonde, blue eyed, and very cute and she just loves to eat... Yes, she is bigger around than she is tall. She is almost 82" around at her biggest. Funny thing is when you live with a fatty like that every day you start to not notice their size until you see them in comparison to other people. Then it really sinks in that you have the fattest wife or girlfriend you know or in the neighborhood, or the town, etc.... It's a major thrill when the reality of her bulk hits you. It's even more thrilling if your fat girlfriend or wife doesn't give a s*** about her size or if she is into her fat a well. Then your life together becomes truely amazing.

  • Yes it does give me a thrill seeing my girlfriend next to her friends. She is so much bigger around, wider, softer, sexier than her peers. She is more than twice the size of her thinnest friend. Her friends are always trying to get my girlfriend to lose weight but she wants no part of it. She likes that she has the luxury of just eating what she wants and how much she wants and she loves the fact that I adore her large size.

  • Yeah, she hates being short but she can compensate by getting HUGE. She's quadruple the mass of her skinniest friends. The shortest one of them standing up- but the tallest one of all of them sitting down, on account of how huge her rear end and thunder thighs are.

  • That's just wrong.

  • That was really hot to read. My girlfriend is almost always the biggest in the room (435). I love watching her waddle around

  • Being the biggest person wherever she goes usually is one of the things my girl enjoys the most about being so fat. She's very short, and HATES it. She can't grow any taller, but she sure has grown more massive. I can tell she really likes how nobody can call her "little" anymore.

  • Chubby chubba

  • She sounds gorgeous. My wife has become obese like that because she loves eating getting bigger & bigger. I love her so much, wonderful personality, fat & sexy.

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