Getting fatter

I have a bit of a butterball belly and want to grow an enormously huge belly. I finally confessed this to my wife and she asked just how big? I’d already been gaining weight but told her I wasn’t sure how big, but deep down I want to be so fat that I can’t tie my shoes. When I sit my belly is 57” round. My most immediate “goal” is trying to get to at least 60” round when sitting.

She has bought into this somewhat begrudgingly because she has an eating disorder and is constantly doing low fat, no fat, no this no that with her eating. She asked me if this was a fetish and I said call it what you want, I call it comfort. I call it enjoying my food and living life large and comfortably. She rubs my belly when we’re intimate but I would love it if she would feed me. I find it powerfully sexually stimulating with very positive results. I c** hard and long when she plays along.

Anyway, are there any women out there that would be interested in this? I’d love to hear your perspectives.

Mar 17

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  • I have lived life both ways, both extreme. First half, fit and exercising, second half slowing down, eating and drinking much more. The weight has piled on, along with the advice and abuse. I was not dissuaded, and currently weigh in at 275 with a 53 inch gut. Yes, I struggle with tying shoes and sitting at restaurant booths, but I have never been calmer or more satisfied. I can be the yes man for amused waitresses, who love feedees in a non-sexual way. I wife is not enthusiastic but accepting, adjusting my plate load to my growing appetite. In a world of increasing intrusion, instructions, and restrictions, it’s great to still be in full control of food intake and inevitable weight gain.
    I hope you can hook the feeder gig for a sympathetic lady - that will bring an added dimension to the whole thing. Feel free to share further

  • Friends that haven't seen me in awhile are surprised at my size and my fat gut.

  • Good luck with your continued gains. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about intrusions, restrictions and instructions. It’s very frustrating. I too feel more calm and satisfied with the freedom to just enjoy the pleasantries of life when it comes to food. Actually I’d love to one day pull into my local DD, order my six donuts and pull up to the window and have an appreciative women openly admire my belly and then go get a few more donuts for me, with a wink and a smile and tell me to eat up and enjoy.

  • I understand completely. Just retired several months ago and I'm letting myself go. I'm at 250-260 now and I'm short. I'm eating myself into a 350 lb slob.

  • Sounds like you need a feeder, big guy! There are lots of sites you can use to look for one. Or you could frequent buffets and popular restaurants to start gorging yourself, see if someone will approach you and comment on your big gut and appetite

  • How much do you weigh?

  • 290

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