Young cuckold, big mistake...

Just a note to all, careful what you wish for. I am now a 50 yr old male. When I was 25 I married my first wife (Tonya), she was 21. We were both very kinky and open so shortly after marriage we tried "swinging". Every thing went well, we tried swapping, 3sums, even attended house parties and swing clubs. We decided to try a specific fantasy. We replied to an ad from a black male with a XL p****. His name was Darryl and he was 43, much older than us. We had 2 rules. No a*** and Darryl had to use a condom as Tonya was not on birth control. We met at a hotel and Darryl was as advertised, attractive with a VERY large c***. After play began Darryl had Tonya bent over the side of the bed taking it easy so she could get used to his size. After several minutes he managed to get 3/4 of his c*** into her P**** and she was moaning loudly. Darryl slowed his pace, bent over and whispered something in Tonya's ear. He then pulled out and stepped back away. Tonya looked over her shoulder and began nodding her head as to indicate "yes". Darrly then pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor. He grabbed Tonya's hips and shoved his c*** back inside her roughly. Tonya screamed loudly as he began to pound her like he was trying to ruin her p****. I have never heard her make sounds like that. After a a few minutes Darryl announced loudly, he was c******. He shoved his c*** in deep and held it there until he unloaded every drop. Tonya collapsed on the bed. Her p**** was gaped open and dripping c**. I couldn't help but be very aroused. After a break Darryl repeated by dumping another load in Tonya. As we drove home I brought up the birth control issue. Tonya apologized and said she got caught up in the excitement. She added this was the most amazing f*** she ever experienced and she would like to see Darryl again. Over the next couple of weeks we met Darryl several times and even allowed him to come to our apartment. On a Friday Tonya called me at work and said Darryl would be coming over later and he had a "surprise" for us. Around 7pm the doorbell rang and as I opened the door I got a surprise all right. Darryl brought a friend he introduced as "Troy". He was also black and around the same age and build as Darryl. Tonya quickly gave them hugs and walked them to the bedroom. I followed but got an even bigger shock. As I got to the bedroom door Darryl informed me they wanted Tonya alone and shut the door. I listened for awhile and Tonya screamed with pleasure. Finally I went into the living room to watch TV. A couple of hours later Tonya walked into the room naked. She asked me to sleep on the couch that night, then she grabbed some drinks and went back to the bedroom. The next morning I was awake early. Around 10am they all emerged from the bedroom. Darryl and Troy were dressed, Tonya was still nude. She walked them to the door. Troy exited and Darryl stood in the open doorway. Tonya embraced him and gave him a long kiss. Again she was completely nude, kissing a black man in the open doorway for all in the apartment complex to see. When they broke the embrace Darryl said "pick you up an 7". When Tonya shut the door she ran back to me, threw her arms over my shoulders and told me she had the most amazing night. She then informed me she would be packing a small bag and spending the night at Darryl's. She said he was having a small house party and she wanted to go. Tonya went back to the bedroom and got in bed. I followed and wanted s** but she told me she was tired after being up all night. She got up in the afternoon, packed her bag and got ready, Darryl was right on time and picked her up at 7pm. Tonya kissed me the cheek and told me she would be back tomorrow (Sunday). Well Sunday Morning came and went. Tonya did not answer her cell all day. Finally Tonya and Darryl walked through the door around 8pm. Tonya gave Darryl another long kiss. Darryl spun her around toward me, reached around, patted her on the stomach and said "if she ain't knocked up it's a miracle". He laughed and walked out the door. Tonya couldn't wait to tell me the details. It turns out the house party was Darryl, Troy and several of their friends. Tonya was the only girl. She admitted f****** all the men and then told me something I never thought I would hear. Tonya seemed proud to tell me she lost her a*** cherry. Not just once, but several of the men f***** her in the a**. 2 weeks later Tonya missed her period. I had not had s** with her in 3 weeks and she was sure it was Darryl or one of his friends. Tonya started spending most of her time at Darryl's and soon we divorced. Sure enough she gave birth to a black baby...

Jun 11, 2021

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