My First Time

My first time was with an older black man. My friends and I always went to this store during the summer to hang out. I met Darryl there. He was a very handsome black man who was 26. He was always very nice. One day, he asked me if I wanted to come to his house. Even though I had a boyfriend at the time, I went. I just wanted to make out a little, just to see what it would be like with an older guy. So when we got to Darryl's house, we went to his bedroom. Actually, his and his wife's bedroom. For some reason, it didn't bother me that he was married. We were making out, and I was getting very wet. I had only kissed boys my own age so this was way different. Darryl eased me onto my back. I thought to myself, "I can go this far, but that's it." Of course, as we kissed, Darryl's hands began to gently fondle my b****** and butt. He began to pull my shirt up, and he removed it. I didn't try to stop him. As he unhooked and removed my bra, I again thought to myself, "I can go this far, but that's it." Darryl began kissing and sucking my b****** and I was quickly losing control of myself. It felt so good, and I was so lost in the pleasure of it all that I didn't even notice he had removed his pants. I felt him gently pulling my jean shorts down. He continued to suck my b******, and then he removed my panties. He opened my legs and began to gently, but insistently, ease the head of his huge p**** into me. Of course, by now I had given up on that stupid, "I can go this far..." game I had been playing with myself. He was already in me; at thirteen I wasn't a virgin any more. I had been told how much it would hurt, but it really was more of a burning sensation when my cherry was popped. Darryl was so skillful and so gentle. He slowly pushed in inch after inch. He was only halfway in when I came the first time. I would c** again before he was fully inside. Once he was all the way in and let me get used to having that big p**** inside me, he began to move in and out, slowly, but then faster. I was begin to have o***** after o*****. They were overlapping. I could hear myself moaning louder and louder. I didn't even know what to do, but I guess my p**** knew. After Darryl started f****** me very fast, I felt his b**** harden and his c*** began to twitch and swell. As I came one final time, I felt him explode inside of me and ribbons of his c** began shooting inside me. I'll never forget Darryl. Neither with my friends Amber, Stephanie, and Michelle, because he also f***** all three of them that summer.

Jun 26, 2012

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  • This might be fake but Stephanie is my daughter and I know she let a 22yo black guy f*** her when she was 13. I walked in on them f****** on the enclosed backporch once.I didn't think her tiny little white p**** could take one that big. Not like it was a monster c*** but it was definitely man size.He shot his load in her and it was running out of her before he pulled out.

  • Hot, but fake.

  • I was referring to the original person who claimed that no one could score three girls in one summer, but you are so right about the other person saying "dude" but claiming to be a girl.

  • Damn girl sounds like you had a ball..

  • He is a perv and should be arrested. No wonder why Africa is full of aids. You and your mates should be ashamed you slags

  • Wtf Y you got to be racist about it ! It was ONE fictional black man ! But if it was the crocodile hunter you wld not have said s*** casue he was white ? Huh m8 ?

  • Wow you are a f****** racist b****. Go f*** yourself f****** small c*** f***** its fake idiot.

  • no one ever f**** 3 girls in one summer unless you pay them

  • Get out of here, I've screwed 5 women in one summer, and believe me that's no record! The embarrassing thing was one time to be in the same room as four of them!

  • You're obviously a pathetic white man.

  • exactly, what girl says "dude"

  • A d***. Lol

  • Indeed a D***...good call Captian Obvious!


  • Dude...I've f***** 3 girls in one NIGHT! And I'm a chick! Raise your expectations!


  • you cook up stories dude

  • i agree with this person ^ that story was way to detailed to have been real, and I'm sorry it sounds like you copied and pasted stuff from a romance novel.

  • Darryl Is my hero, where can I get more details?

  • So fake.

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