Can't believe I did that...

I am a 16 yr old high school student. My boyfriend is 18 and attending his first year of college. He joined a fraternity and last weekend was "alumni day". My boyfriend invited me to ride up to the school with his dad. The fraternity threw a pregame party. The house was full of guys and several fathers who were there for alumni day. Well my idiot boyfriend got stupid drunk and passed out. I had a few more drinks. At one point I was making my way back from the bathroom through a crowded hallway. A couple of guys that had been flirting with me grabbed me between them. Both of them were feeling me up and trying to kiss me. I don't know why, maybe it was the alcohol or being p***** at my boyfriend, but I gave in and started making out with both of them. They quickly pulled me into a bedroom and almost tore my clothes off. There was no foreplay at all as one of the climbed between my legs and began to pump away. He finished in like a minute. Then the other guy quickly took his place. As I laid there something caught my eye and the reality of the situation hit. There were several guys walking into the room and undressing. Before I knew it I was being pulled in every direction, hands and c**** were everywhere. I was being treated like a piece of meat. I never made it to the game. I spent the afternoon and evening in that bedroom with my mouth and p**** getting used. I don't know how many guys took turns on me, I couldn't count. I felt like a ragdoll just letting the guys do what they wanted. Even a couple of the fathers joined in on the fun, that was the ultimate humiliation. I was on all 4's taking c*** on both ends. I felt a guy c** inside me and pull out. He slapped me on the ass hard and said "damn that was good". I recognized the voice and looked over my shoulder. It was my boyfriends dad! Neither of us spoke during the ride home. I am so ashamed. I know some of the guys took their phones out and took video of the party. I know it is only a matter of time before everybody knows.

Jun 12, 2021

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  • Getting into a group s** situation is easier than you think. Especially when you are young and stupid. I am a mid 20's female. When I was 15 I thought the 18 year old senior, star football player, liked me. We went out a few times, and yes I had s** with him.
    One night we were at the local party spot everyone called "the bus". It was actually an abandoned school bus on a secluded dirt road. It was a make out and party spot for all the kids.
    Around 11-12pm the crowd thinned out with several kids having curfews. Eventually it was myself, my boyfriend and 4 guys from the football team. It began to rain so we all grabbed the beer and got inside the bus. It was dark and we were all in the back seats drinking and joking around. Me and my boyfriend had a blanket over us. We were kinda making out and he had his hand down my shorts. He talked me into taking off the shorts to give him better access. We had the blanket over us and no one seemed to be paying attention as he began to pay more attention to my p**** than his friends. It just kind of got out of hand as he laid me down in the seat and got in between my legs. As he pumped away inside me the other boys began to cheer him on. Of course the blanket got pulled off and I didn't care who watched. I would have done anything he wanted at that point. When he finished, he stayed on top of me and we made out for several minutes. When he stood up I pulled my t-shirt down to cover my p**** but I didn't get a chance to find my shorts. One of his friend was already climbing on top of me. He was already hard and pushed inside me with ease. My boyfriend watched as all 4 of his friends took turns f****** me.
    It now seems stupid wanting to please someone so bad you would have s** with his friends. But... To be young, dumb and 15 again!

  • At the college I went to many girls lost their virginity at one frat in particular. I dated a girl for two months and she wouldn't let me even get my hand inside her pants. I decided that I had enough of her not letting me f*** her so that I took her to the frat one Friday night. I had a couple of drinks and got her to drink enough that she was pretty drunk. As I pretended to fall asleep on the sofa, a frat guy started to talk with my girlfriend. He got her to agree to go see something in his bedroom. As they headed up the stairs I followed them and they went into his bedroom. He didn't close the door and he took her clothes off and pushed her back on the bed. Then he got between her legs and stuck his d*** into her. He was surprised that she was still a virgin and pushed deeper into her. He f***** her for about 10 minutes and then her came in her. After he pulled out another guy that was watching behind me asked me if it was my turn. I didn't reply and he pushed by me and got on the bed and f***** my girlfriend. Then I stood back as eight more guys f***** my girlfriend. After the last one came in her and left I got on the bed with her and f***** her, coming in her c*** that was dripping with come from being f*****.
    We dated all through college and I asked to marry me the Christmas of senior year. She told me that she knew that I had watched the first frat guy take her virginity and the other guys after. I said that I didn't think that she knew that the frat guys f***** her before me. I told her that I thought that it was good that some experienced guys f***** her and by watching them I learned what to do.

  • I met my wife at a frat party where I was told that there was a girl in one of the bedrooms that was going to f*** all of the guys. I watched as a couple of guys took off her clothes and one of them got between her legs and f***** her. Then five other guys f***** her while I watched. Then they all left and I took off my clothes and she guided me inside her. I quickly came and she asked me to lie beside her as another five guys f***** her. I f***** her again. She told me that she really liked me and that is why she f***** me a second time. We both lost our virginities that night but while she was my first, I was the seventh guy that f***** her. When we talk about that night I get so h****. We want to repeat her getting gang banged when we go on vacation this year.

  • What a hoe

  • That's rape. I'm so sorry if that's true. It's NOT your fault

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