I love seeing women pee

I've had a lot of humiliating moments in my life. Pee is one of them after I developed bladder infections and had accidents. I also hate myself and a part of me feels like I deserve/ enjoy the humiliation. Now, I love the idea of being humiliated/controlled. I want to have my hair pulled, be told I'm a naughty girl and get my butt spanked, I want my partner to control when I can't and can't pee. I want to have my butt slapped/ fingered with a full bladder. I want to be the naughty girl. I want them to keep s******* me even when I c** and I'm begging him to stop. I want him to pull my hair.

Yeah, I'm a sick f***.

Jun 12, 2021

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  • I am really turned on by the thought of having someone pee inside my ass, Especially if they are heavy drug users because it would get me high af

  • Mmmmmm I'm a guy and I love seeing and watching women pee! I also love them peeing on me, over me, into my mouth and vice versa with me to them!

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