Sister in law

So my gf and I recently got a four person hot tub. My gfs sister is forty pounds lighter than her, nicer b******, tighter ass, and six years younger at 38 years old. So the other night, we all decided to use the hot tub, after helping my gfs sister cleanup a fallen tree in her back yard. So we got back to our place and she comes out of the house in shorts, and a tshirt. My gf tells me her sister never wears a “bathing suit” (something about a bad experience when she was a teen.

Well we’re all sitting in the hot tub, and I look over at the sister, and she’s squirming around but still talking to my gf, so I assume she’s just trying to get comfortable. Next thing I know she raises her black shorts above the water and hangs them on the towel hooks we have at the side of the tub. My gf said nothing, didn’t even react. I was jaw dropped at the fact that her much hotter, younger sister was now bottomless in our hot tub, and no one seemed to mind.

I sat there across from my gf praying for the bubbles to shut off. Well… I did pant have to wait for the bubbles as she got up and reached into her cooler and grabbed a soda water. I got a full eye full including seeing her drown eye as she bent over. My gf sitting there laughing, the whole time. I sat there thinking about two things. One “this is a trap”! Two “they want to have a threesome”. I was wrong about both of those. I found out afterwards that, they just wanted to see my reaction. Well my throbbing hard c*** my gf was rubbing with her foot under the water showed her my reaction.

When asked about the situation after her sister left, I said “I’m a guy, your sisters hot and she was naked… what did you expect would happen”? She just laughed and told me there may be more to come.

Jun 22, 2021

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  • Listen, get some crushed Ativan and slip in their drinks next time. They will start to get giddy and loose, then just strip naked and go for it. You will see how far this goes.

  • You should definitely have s** with your SIL.

    A threesome is fun but dangerous as you will be tempted to pay more attention to the sister since she is more attractive and not your wife.

    But you must do the threesome to gain the trust of your wife. Let your wife set the rules and direct the sexual activities

    Then at a later point you can get the sister alone and pound the h*** out of her.

  • I would’ve asked if they wanted a threesome if I was you, and brought drinks along to the tub if I was you...just saying 🤷‍♂️

  • Bless your wife

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