The day I found out.

I was thinking back to the day I found out my brother in law and sister in law like to get down a little every now and again, I know this sounds a little redneck but we were at a family reunion and my wife's older half sister and her husband were there, The four of us ended up drunk as could be and my wife wandered back to the cabin we were renting, We had slipped into the hot tub which was apparently a bit too much for my wife with the booze because she couldn't barely stand up by the time she left.
It was just the three of us in the hot tub and it was in an enclosed room so it was pretty private, My wife's sister was sitting on her husbands lap and he said something about her ** and she scoffed and said "Oh quit", He said "For real, Show him" and she said "Ya right, He's married to my sister, He sees way better ** than mine all the time", We all laughed a bit and he reached his arms around her and started slowly pulling her top down, She put her arms at her sides and next thing I knew her ** popped out.
My sister in law is a very pretty 40 year old and my wife is almost her twin except 11 years younger, and with bigger **, I laughed and said "Well...Those are very nice", She said "Pffft, They were before they fed 3 babies" and we all chuckled again, She cupped and squeezed her **, I have big hands and if I put my thumb and pointer ** together that would be about the size of her **, her ** are dark pink and very bumpy, My brother in law said "Feel them, they are really nice", I laughed and said "Oh I better not", We went back and forth and eventually she stood in front of me and I cupped them.
She really does have nice ** for a 40 year old mom of 3 and as awkward as it was to be feeling up my sister in law it was kinda hot, She had no reservations about letting me feel her ** and then she put her hands on mine, I looked at him and he just sat back and smiled so I kept going, I rolled her ** a bit and felt them get hard, She grabbed her top and pulled it over her head and then her husband got behind her and pulled her bottoms down, She is shaved bald and has a perfect little pink innie **, We were full on groping each other and she slid her hand in my shorts and said "Ooohhh, Nice" and then stood me up, She pulled my shorts down and my brother in law watched as she slid her lips over my ** and started working it, After a minute or two she turned around and bent over the edge of the hot tub, I stepped up behind her and slid my ** in her and ** her until she moaned "I'm gonna **" and then we came at the same time, I stayed in her until I went limp just cupping and massaging her ** and then pulled out.
We all talked and laughed about what had happened and she said "Bet you didn't think that was how the night would go", I agreed that I had not planed on that and we agreed to take our secret to the grave.
It never happened again and that was 5 years ago but she sometimes bends over a little too far in a dress and lets me see from behind or down her top and then playfully teases me by saying "Hey perv...Quit lookin" or something and we laugh.

Feb 8

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  • Do it again don’t stop. Don’t keep yourself from enjoying her and her from enjoying you. It’s fine

  • So far, I haven't found one Middle Eastern restaurant in the Houston area that sells pork kebab. Muslims aren't assimilating, it seems. Time to send them back.

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