Bird eye view and a piece of chip

I hate people that throw food in the street and birds come down to eat whatever it is but they end up in the middle of the road but they usually take off just in time before they get hit 90% of the time. I must confess that I did not properly dispose of a chip I should have taken that chip up off the ground and put it in the garbage container or properly disposed of it in small bag that I might have in my backpack and put it in a refuge disposal container later if there was not a garbage container on site it was about the thickness of a dime and this bird was in flight it came down from the sky it could have been twenty feet up could have been a mile up I can't say it was in fight and it came down there was two birds flying and it came down and it ate the chip on the ground. like 5 or 10 seconds later another bird came down and was following it and probably didn't see the chip but following it they came down and for a second and both went back into flight so that was awesome

Jun 25, 2021

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