Is something wrong with me?

Would anyone ever consider having s** with their sister? I am a normal high school senior. My sister is twenty-two. She is no longer part of the family. A year ago she got on drugs. My parents tried to get her help but nothing worked so they had to cut her off.
Recently she has been seen prostituting at a truck stop and hotel on the edge of town. I am catching a lot of crap from my friends and others at school about it . Not just the teasing, but a couple of guys claim they have paid her for s** and get very graphic about the things she will do for money.
I can't help it and I am embarrassed to say I have fantasized about going to the truck stop and picking her up for s**.
Is this normal?

Jun 26, 2021

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  • My sister is two years older than me. We are both in our 30's now. Our parents are divorced and our mother worked nights. During our teen years my sister would bring her boyfriends over to the house to have s**. Every chance I got I would spy on them and watch. Recently my sister admitted to me that she always knew I was watching. She giggled and said it was always a turn on. She evan asked me if I masturbated afterwards. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!

  • Idiot

  • F*** her

  • It is normal to want s** from your sister but it should be in a non prostitute way. Try and help your sister get out this situation she is in and maybe you two can get together later

  • She is now out of your family and has chosen her own way of life. I do not think it should be wrong if you have s** with her now. Make the best f*** out of her along with your friends...

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