Straight my a**!

I am 17 and gay. No, actually very gay, super q****! I am open about it and not ashamed at all. I have zero interest in girls and never have. This is more of a rant than a confession.
A few months ago while at a party the supposedly straight quarterback of the football hit on me. At the time I was surprised and flattered. We snuck out of the party individually and met up. I gave him oral s**. From there we would secretly meet and I would give him b****j*** or he would f*** me.
I guess he told his friends because every macho jock in the school seems to be hitting on me. I can't go to ball games or parties without these guys trying to ditch their girlfriends and get me alone. Yesterday one of them followed me into the bathroom at the school and asked me to give him a b***j**.
I am not confused about who and what I am. Why can't they get it together?

Jun 27, 2021

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  • Silly question... Only the one giving head or being drilled has to worry about being bi or gay. A guy can get blown or bone any hole and still consider himself fully straight. It may not make sense to you but it is OLD logic that still holds true in the minds of a lot of men

  • Huh. Almost like trans guys who like to "surprise" str8s only after they get them alone. It's almost as if it cuts both ways and jerks are jerks no matter how they "identify". Get over it cupcake, that's human nature

  • Because they're not ready to admit they were molested as children

  • How stupid are you? Not everyone who was molested hides who they are, and not everyone who hides who they are was molested. Stay silent until you learn how real people work.

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