Can you like se too much?

I am a sixteen year old sophomore in high school and I REALLY enjoy s**. I am not actually embarrassed about it. To me it feels completely natural. I started masturbating when I was eight or nine. I had my first real sexual experience when I was thirteen, he was fifteen. I simply loved it!
Fast forward to now. My single mother works two jobs so I basically take care of myself. I am responsible and help her keep up the house. I make good grades in school. I admit that I have a very active s** life. I am responsible in that regard as well and use birth control. I have s** with multiple boys at school and even a few college guys. My enjoyment of s** has it's downside. I basically have no friends. The other girls hate me because I have either had s** with their boyfriends, or are currently having s** with them. I am on the black list for sports teams, cheerleading and such.
Sometimes I feel self conscious and wonder if it is a problem? At the same time I see s** as something natural and to be enjoyed. Am I wrong?

Jun 28

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  • Whether you're trolling or not, this is a LARP. Just admit you have an addiction.

  • Fuckk the world 🌎 i want to be your friend and we will have sexx 24x7

  • Actually I like s** but I never had s** :)

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