Black females are hideous and BLM is B.S.

I grew up in New York and had this fat black friend Yvette. I was so pretty with my small nice nose and she had this huge wide nose with flaring nostrils and she had the NERVE to ask me what this tiny mark under my pretty little nose was and I felt like saying :listen you look like aGorilla you are fat like an adutl at 12 years old and you have a hidous face that is fat and a huge ugly wide nose when I have a little Irish button nose. Get with it! This same girl was so racist that when I came back form living abroad--since unlike her I am cultured- she told me, "I do not hang out with white people anymore. " This was in the 80s so I HATE BLM it is total B.S. BLacks have been terrorizing whites in New York since at LEAST the 60s. I filed this under "other" because REALITY was not an option. Blacks are spoiled brats and I have travelled to 75 countries I have seen true oppression and spoiled black people are idiots who do not realize that EVERY civilization has had slavery it has NOTHING to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with labour. If American Idiots understood ANYTHING about WORLD history and not just an infinitesimal portion of it which is what American history is then we would have a NORMAL world. BLack people you are not oppressed. Slaves in Mauritania are oppressed, the poor in El Salvador are oppressed. Getting your welfare check or a job you are not qualified for over a white person makes YOU PRIVILEGED> Please look up the definitioon of Privilege and ENTITLEMENT because you will find your ugly face there. So yvette your best friend when you were 11 was that white girl in Riverdale not Tomika, tarnisha Shajiqua and anyone else you hung out with they were violent psychos and YOU are a racist. Your stepmother was nice though. And sorry but you were fug and i thought you were gross.

Jul 7

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  • Sheboons are ugly as the day is long.

  • Ha! Look at all these fake responses from these indian and russian trolls. The atrocious spelling, the grammatical errors. Dead giveaways. Just missing the obligatory "sir" or "miss" before each sentence. Yikes. The pathetic really do need to end their lives. As an Asian, we do not claim them. They're on their own. Clearly.

  • I dated an Irish girl from riverdale a while back, she had these huge juggs and have the best head. The good old days, anyway I have to agree with what you say 110%, most of them look and act like Sasquatch, gross.

  • It's so true. I work in "community centers" in my city, which are just places blacks p*** off their kids for tax-dollar-paid day care. Inevitably there will be one little white girl mixed in with the lot. She's always objectively the most well-behaved, intelligent, pretty, and quiet. It makes me so sad to see this sweet little girl thrown in with the animals, she's just so out of place. Everywhere I go in my city I tend to encounter the same thing, be it the pool, the classroom, the downtown- the blacks are always the worst, ugliest, dumbest, loudest, rudest people in the area. It's time to ship them to another country.

    Fun game: look up an IQ map of the world. Almost the entire continent of Africa is literally retarded as measured by average IQ. And the leftists taking over the world and promoting "diversity" want us to believe it's just different skin colors.

  • White women are the most sexist to black women. And why did Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein go to prison? Wait. Bill is free now. I'm just waiting on Harvey to be free. White women are jealous. Always been. Grow up . Black will never be dumb and stupid like you. Anyway. Black women are not thinking about you white pearls. Your white men chasing them now. Bill Cosby wins again. White lose.

  • Bill Cosby, Taye Diggs, Sydney Poitier, Harry Belafonte and on andthe Wayans and on and on and on and on and on LOVE white women. NO ONE is attracted to you black women. No amount of tv shows showing your fat ugly faces will EVER change the status quo. BLACK FEMALE equals UGLY You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous.

  • HAHAHAHAH! With your ugly afro hair and your big ugly sambo lips and your flat wide noses NO WHITE MEN WOULD TOUCH YOU ANYWHERE> That is sin YOUR Head. White women are the prettiest and everybody knows it. ONly fugly white men and in fairytale land on TV do white men like Fugly black a****. YOu are ugly Objectively. Accept it and rrtry to improve your intelligence quotient siunce black americans are the dumbest fcuks around hA! Jealous much? Please stop culturally appropriating our beautiful hair and let your brillo stick out.

  • Very true. White women been hating on black women for 400 to 800 years PR more. That's why white men be having s** with children ( girls and boys ). Because white women can't keep their mouths closed.

  • You are a PIG. White men are not pedos black men are.

  • That;s right we are actually smart and have something to say unlike you big fat ugly shenenes with NORTHING to say but scream about how you want some fried chicken and fried rice. LOL! STFU BIACH.

  • We have NEVER hsted you/. DID YOU EVEN READ The post my fat fugly friend Yvette was HATING WHITE GIRLS> You have abused white women since the 1960s and YOU ARE ugly. I am just telling the truth. YOU HATE THE |TRUTH!~


  • Then leave and go back to where you from.

  • NO honey YOPU go back to LIberia Biacvh that is the black american reservation-a sh!thole of course. Like every black american infested city.

  • Blacks need to get over playing the race card. they are not opressed

  • We are oppressed. Because you are the ones that is doing it.

  • You are delusional if you belive that. ONLY BLACKS turn to crime and sell drugs like that pig George F loyd who was high on meth and violently robbed people. HE DESERVED TO DIE . F*** BLM F*** George Floyd and F*** Black women because Lord know swhite men aren't going to hit that.

  • Will not.

  • Yeah baby!!!! WOOHooo! I love this poster. She is Right on the money!

  • She is wrong

  • She is ABSOLUTELY Rigth count your days honey because the 88 percent are coming to exterminate yoiu. We all hate you and pretend not to online but we HATE You. The whole country hates black women. They aren't even human they are shebeasts.

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