It's not ok

If there's one thing I've learned from society, it's this:

It's not OK to be short.

If you're short, you should just kill yourself. That's what I'm thinking about doing. I mean, what else am I gonna do, live a life of repeatedly getting rejected by women? F*** that. Even if I do get one, is it really fair of me to pollute the gene pool with my inadequate short genes, producing more insecure little men? I think not.

When life gives you lemons, just give up. Lemonade aint so sweet if you can't get any sugar to put in it.

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  • This is what you learned from society? All of the ills and miseries society offers and this is the one you've learned?

    My friend, look at society with a little more interest and a little less vanity, you'll see there are worse problems than someone making a comment about being short.

  • ^ NOT TRUE.
    ex boyfriend was really short. he had a small d***, sucked at s** and was a complete and total a******.


    I used to be short, (5'2) now, i'm 5'8 I'd give anything to be short again. short chicks are just sooo much cuter. BUt oh well.

  • aw come on now.. every short man usually has a big whopper of a d***... so when you see the hot babes with short guys, you always here "what does she see in him" Well, the big fat chub of a d*** man... so use what you got!

  • your dumb man im only 5ft 6in that's short im married to a beautifull woman who's only 4ft 11in we have a son and you can already tell he's not going to be short like me and his mother. i don't feel inadequate at all im a man like any other man i think maybe you have a ridiculously small p**** that's why you feel this way

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