I get mistake for a kid

I'm a young girl who's 22, and I'm short enough to get mistake as a kid. Call me Kate, (not my real name). I'm 3'6, so I can understand. It's still annoying though. Yes. Yes. I look
When I go out to eat with my family and I look down at my phone for just a minute, the waitress would come, not even bother to ask my age, and just hand out a kids menu. I would sigh and not make a fuss. That just means I wouldn't be drinking there that night.

When I go shopping with my mom, my short legs would get tired and she would jokingly ask if I wanted her to carry me. I obviously say no, and she responds with, how about a shopping mall cart instead. That line gets me peeved. She would then tell me to patient, now that we're in her favorite store. She would also make me shop in the kids clothing department, of course.

In college when the first day arrives, the teachers always have to say, "This is a college little girl. Are you sure not lost?" I would then show my student id, witch help with the confusion, but then I get snickered by the other students saying, "Aren't you a little bit young to be in this class," and "I didn't know the age requirement for college suddenly dropped." (I'm paraphrasing here). I'd show the same id card, but they would call if fake right before the teacher would call for class to begin.

At the public pool my arms and legs would be to short to swim properly, so floaties were a must-have. They also would have Disney Princess designs on them. That doesn't make me a little girl, just makes me a big fan of Disney. The life guard who come over to me and say this pool is for older swimmers. Then he would point to the kiddie pool where I should belong.

My confession is that I hate being teased for looking like a little girl. I get mistaken for a kid. Any suggestions on what to do? I've had most of my life to think about it and even I'm stumped.

Jan 21

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  • Hey Kate

  • Get out!


  • Well first of all I think you should not think or care about what about other people think about you. I drink coffe and im only almost 11. So i think ill be short too. But just dont care what poeple say about you. I hope this help.

  • Kate here...

    What nice encouraging words those are. I need that.

  • Dont mind what other people think of you and live your life to the fullest find someone who can accept you for who you are and be happy everyday

  • Kate here...

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I needed that.

  • Kate i think u would be alot taller then me

  • Your welcome. Wanna be friends?

  • Kate here...

    Making friends on the internet, no thanks. I'd rather make friends in person.

  • Helllllllo????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Well can we at least talk?

  • Okay yes.

  • Nah, no thanks.

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