Women turn me on but I'm straight

I'm straight I would never want to have s** with a chic. But they turn me on, it's certain things too. Like stretch marks inbetween thighs and on hips it makes me so excited. Tall girls are more exciting than short ones, I think that's because I'm super short(4'11"). One of my fantasies are having a older man preferable 30-48 (I'm 14) and a asexual girl as like eyecandy for me. The next step off that would be that we be in a dd/mdlg relationship. So i would call them mommy and daddy, it would be nonsexual with her unless she wanted to join(but I'd prefer asexual) and sexual with the guy, and I would dress like a baby and wear diapers and use pacifiers along with bottles. I'm confused I know I'm not gay I have no interest in women sexually but they turn me on. I'm only 14 so I have lots to change and outgrow, it's just curiosity.

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