I dont kiss, but I do tell

I am one of the many straight men who has had a time or two in the bedroom of a man. But all in all, staying straight. I was in my hotel in KC. I got out of the shower as the male maid came in to clean the room. He was peaking at me. He bravely walked in. Took my towel and dried my back. and knelt to dry my legs. His tongue considered my bottom an invitation. And for only the second time in my life, I got rimmed by a man. He turned me around, saw the h****** and well...I guess it was happy hour. He put me completely into his throat. I moved to the bed to better enjoy it. After i came, he finished cleaning the room like nothing happened.
He apprarently told his gay coworker about me. The next morning, before my 7am alarm, there was a naked body in my bed with his hand on my thigh. He sought permission and rolled me on my back and slimply slipped himself in me. No talking, no anything.... He must have sensed that I was not gay... but he lifted up both of my legs and dove (safely and with acknowledgement) into me. His stoke got faster, but wanted to finish me on my knees. I cooperated and with his hands on my hips.... he came... and came and came. He got out of bed, got dressed and left. I smile when I think of surprise s** with men.

Jul 9, 2021

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  • I was really young impressionable boy crushing on an older boy who seemed sensitive to me, a kid clueless about what boy/boy s** even was.
    Well it didn't take much to talk me into it. There I was shorts tossed off, on my tummy with smooth thighs spread wide and those cute boyish tighty-whitie underpants slid down in the back ever so smoothly by his experienced hands.
    Caressing my well shaped virgin cheeks he settled in the boy bottom saddle slow and easy like. His unusually rubber hard boycockpumping seed as lube till drained and slipping out soft and almost sweetly. He rearranged my boy panties as if he'd never been in um. He turned me onto my back and kissed me ever so dearly....I loved him so!
    I loved him till he told all his h**** teenage boy friends about the cute kid he just f*****....

  • Congratulations on becoming an HIV Dispenser. Now, kill yourself!

  • I tried being gay once. I sucked.

  • My mom hired a male housekeeping service, all gay guys too. I was kinda freaking angry at mom because of my friends and trying to explain it to them that I had nothing to do with it. That was the first week of June. The second week I was with Michael our Monday manmaid... I shouldn't if teased um so much I guess. He told Wednesday's Jonathan and of course they both told Friday's Peter and all of um f***'d me that second week. From being kinda stuck up and arrogant in June to being the cutest 15 year old boyslutbitch by the middle of July is kinda cool. I kinda love being the man maids boy and mom says that I'm not a creep if a spoiled kid anymore.

  • I wish I could get such service. I'm a closet crossdresser and it's always been a fantasy to be taken and used by some guys..

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