Most American Black people and BLM Millennials are STUPID

Black people are so f****** stupid it is embarrassing to them and America since idiot millennials insist on contributing to the farce that blacks are "oppressed" and to "critical race theory" which has no basis in science. It is not predicated on empirical research and is a narrative to creative fractious relations among the races. Really, there is no race because everyone has a little of everything in their blood, because we have lived for 22,000 years of civilization NOT 400 like blacks and millidiots believe. EVERY RACE SINCE the dawn of civilization has had slaves. The worst slave trade was NOT the African slave trade, according to historians it was the BARBARY slave trade in which millions of Europeans were captured by North Africans castrated or raped and put into harems. Nice. THAT did not happen to black people. Then we have the Ottoman slave trade. This, like the Barbary slave trade lasted HUNDREDS of years and boys were kidnapped castrated and forcibly converted to Islam-Nice right? girls WERE RAPED AND KIDNAPPED FROM THEIR HOMES. This was in every country in Europe east of Germany.
PICK UP AN ACTUAL HISTORY book. for reference and context another word you use but do not understand , dogs were domesticated 24,000 years ago, that shows civilization. So for 24,000 years every culture has had slaves of EVERY color. It has to do with LABOUR NOT color, Morons.

Jul 9, 2021

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  • You must admit they look some good making love to those white wives though

  • Would you expect any less from animals ?

  • Has anyone lived next to a black neighborhood ? I have .in Florida it's segregated because no one but crack heads who aren't black will live in one . It a war zone . Crime ridden s*** holes brcause of the blacks that live there .
    I could go on about the crimes that take place there but why bother .
    Blacks are their own worst enemy .
    .they will never take responsibility for their actions.

  • Yes, but they have ruined the country. They behave atrociously in the Northeast beating white kids up and getting away with it. I finally understand those racist old white men in the 80s saying they were trying to kill off the white race. It is true they are. I do not agree with white supremacy but 100 percent or 90 percent black people-Americans not africans are IDIOTS and Violent wastes of life except for the 5% who are intelligent. the intelligent few. Who are conservative, few and far between. I grew up in New York and they were bused in illegally and threatened us in our own posh neighborhood. My father put me into private school. I was in Florida last year and the blacks behaved much more civilized. The blacks look at white women and make derogatory comments in New york and connecticut they did not do that in Orlandoi. Count yourself lucky not to live in NEw York. I left the country and am so grateful I live in a peaceful non racist country. But I still am upset about what happened to my home country. I am angry. They ae now stabbing people on the subways agin like the 60s in NMew York the Democrats are evil I grew up brainwashed by them until the blacks were bused in and i saqw how they were allowed to behave like animals but i was expected to be perfect-I became a republican at age 12. And you should make them take responsibility. The REASON they don't take responsibility is because WHITES ENABLE THEM! If whites didn't 12 percent would have no power. Do the math.

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