To The Point

I'm not the typical guy so it's hard to meet women, especially ones younger than me which I like, I'm 36. I like older women too, though, but it would be impossible for me to get with one, I have no idea what they want. Perhaps a married one, but who am I kidding, I'm not charming enough to convince a woman to have an affair with me. Women have affairs because their fling gives them what they want and has something great to offer. At this point, it wouldn't matter the woman/girl's age as long as I am attracted to them, I'm not that picky. I regularly feel the urge to m********* and am pretty quick at it. To the point. This isn't really a confession except a confession of my true desires and wants. I'm not patient and suffer from depression and anxiety. When I see a girl/woman I'm always drawn to her face, t*** and ass, especially in leggings or athletic pants. I immediately fantasize about touching her and licking her before wanting to do a quickie inside her. I wish I could find a girl like me that doesn't mind getting to the point. I understand that women like to be intrigued and romanced by laughter and charm but I just can't do it. My anxiety freezes me. I wish I could find a woman that doesn't need the fluff in attraction. A kind hello to me and a smile to get started, then throw the obvious signs and we can go back to her place. If she's wired to make the first move, my anxiety should calm down, if not...we'll miss the boat. I'm not difficult to please. Maybe there is a woman/girl out there who feels stuck like me and just needs to read the words from the safety of her computer screen. I'm not the show off or gossiper and macho isn't in my description. Hard to handle and opinionated are though. Guess I'll dream more about the perfect girl in my exposed thoughts to you hoping to get to the point soon.

Jul 10, 2021

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