My mother Narelle becomes a child care centre manager

So my mother Narelle will begin work as the manager of the local child care centre manager this coming week on Monday and she has been telling her female staff members that I will be coming in at the end of each day to receive regular diaper changes from herself and her female staff members and the female staff members have asked her how it will work and she replied it will be done the same way as it is for other Young children during the day and the female staff members have said that depends what time the diaper changes happen for your son at the end of each day plus he will need to wait until parents have picked up their younger children from the centre and my mother replied as the child care centre manager I know that ladies but she said I need one lady from the staff to volunteer to change my son's diaper every afternoon and the staff replied why don't you just do it yourself you are the child care centre manager and plus you are his mother it would be better for you to change your son and she replied I will do the first one on Monday afternoon but I will be drawing up a roster for the rest of the week after I do the first diaper change on Monday afternoon and the roster will be in the lunch room and it's up to staff members to familiarise themselves with the roster is that clear ladies and 2 hours later my mother put the roster on the wall in the staff lunch room and a female staff member named Olivia came up to her and said ok Narelle I'm happy to take over Robert's diaper changing needs for you and my mother replied thank you Olivia and Olivia replied that's fine narelle and my mother replied you change lots of Younger children's diapers during the day Olivia and Olivia replied yes I do and my mother replied it's the same process required to change my son's diaper as it is for the younger children that you diaper change and Olivia Said to my mother why don't you bring him in on Saturday morning and I will change his diaper while you get some paperwork done Narelle and my mother replied that would be great Olivia are you sure you are up for that and Olivia replied absolutely narelle as long as I'm getting paid double time and a half and my mother replied it's $500 for a diaper change Olivia and Olivia replied really what about a smacked bottom for him as well and my mother replied if you want to smack his bare bottom over your knee Olivia you are more than welcome to but I really want you to diaper change him first ok and Olivia replied absolutely narelle so Saturday morning arrived and at about 7am my mother said ok Robbie I have organised for Olivia to change your diaper at the child care centre you remember her I introduced you to her yesterday afternoon and I replied will it be a proper diaper change and my mother said absolutely it will be a proper diaper change Olivia is a very professional staff member at the child care centre she has changed thousands of young children's diapers every single day of the week and I replied as my mother you should be doing it and she said at the child care centre as the centre manager I don't have time to change your diapers when you are at the centre but that's what my staff get paid for and I replied to my mother what is your responsibility as the child care centre manager and she said to make sure that the centre is run properly and to make sure that parents and young children and staff can co-ordinate together here at the centre and my mother said during the week my staff members are asked to change thousands of baby diapers and they do it very very well and she said right now Olivia is going to show you just how well ok and Olivia Said ok Robbie if you would like to come into the diaper changing facilities with me and we will get you laying down on the changing table so that I can lift your bottom and legs up and change your diaper she said it should take me about 15 minutes or maybe even 30 minutes depending on how dirty your bottom is and how many baby wipes I will need to use to clean up your bottom and once that's done I will put a fresh diaper on you and maybe then your mother as centre manager can you decide if I can put you in a baby cot for a sleep for a couple of hours maybe after having your diaper changed followed by being fed with a baby bottle or maybe even some breastfeeding but Olivia Said that's up to your mother Narelle to decide as she is the child care centre manager so she is the boss and she decides what happens here at the child care centre as the manager of the centre

Jul 10, 2021

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