I secretly hate my brother

He always makes fun of me. Constantly making fun of my interests, literally once walked into my room making fun of the books I read. Also he constantly is hating on others who are different from him. Like he is literally an open racist to Asian people. He’s also a homophobic j*** who calls me slurs for calling him out or that I have certain interests, which doesn’t help since I’m gay myself but he doesn’t know. “Why don’t you try to be normal for once!” Is what he says. He also tries to pressure me into drinking alcohol when it’s not something I personally like. Over quarantine he’s just become even more of a homophobic ass and bigot in general. Even my mother defends him sometimes. I don’t know if I should cut him off

Jul 11, 2021

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  • Obviously, your brother is suffering from a Superiority complex. He criticizes and hates that which he fears and tries to manifests it as an aura of superiority. In reality those things that he criticizes the most is what makes him feel the most insecure. He hates Asians because they make him feel insecure. He hates you reading books and having interests because he feels insecure about you becoming good at something and surpassing him. He hates gays because for some reason it makes him feel insecure, which is an indication that he might also be gay/bisexual.

    Your brother is a very insecure and pathetic person who tries to play it off like he is superior to others. Your mother defends him because deep down she knows he has deep insecurities and sees how pathetic he truly is. But I think your brother is very similar to yourself in that both of you are very insecure people. His insecurity manifests itself as a superiority complex while your insecurity seems to be less hidden.

  • Blood is thicker than water. You can choose your friends but not family. Friends come and go in your life but family is forever.

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