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So I’ve been with my fiancé for 3 years and we have two year old together. She used to be just quiet hanging around the house wanting to be around me and I loved it nowadays though she’s been acting different we used to work together but I got fired for missing work to take her to the emergency room. Now that I got fired she started acting different saying I need to get my priorities in check she gets her hair done now posting everyday on instagram when I text her she doesn’t answer but then go on instagram and see she’s was posting around the same time I texted her then I call her she says she’s at work but she’s on instagram posting pictures then every other weekend she goes out I call her maybe twice she don’t answer and says[her phone died or was dying] but when I go out she constantly calling me and if I don’t answer she texts me nonstop but get mad when I do it then she’s constantly changing her password on her phone is she cheating or hiding something

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My younger sister likes torturing her stomach so badly.

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  • Read the rational male. It explains her behavior and also why that first guy is sure she'll cheat on you. honestly, if your still unemployed and this is what you're concerned about you should get your priorities straight

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  • Sounds like you are still young. Don't work yourself up in a frenzy. Sit down with her and talk all of this through but don't be needy. Having a child and settling down with someone for the rest of your life can feel overwhelming to some people. Giving each other some freedom and independence but with boundaries will make a healthy relationship. She must give the same to you as you do for her. It's good to discuss if it's ok to fool around with other people in a casual way while maintaining your relationship or NOT. You both should be on the same page with the same rules for both of you. Oh....and you have a child now so both you and her should make that a priority imho.

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