Asking for a Spanking from Clarissa

So Yesterday afternoon my mother Narelle left on a business trip for the next 5 weeks and I all I could think about was who could I get to spank my bare bottom over the next 5 weeks and so I immediately wrote a note to Clarissa and dropped it in her mailbox here is what I wrote on the note dear Ma'am my mother Narelle has gone on a 5 week long business trip and I feel as though I'm going to need my Bare bottom soundly Spanked during the next 5 weeks and I was wondering if you could please take my pants and underpants down and guide my bare bottom over your knee and Spank it soundly with the palm of your hand or with your ebony hairbrush please Ma'am and I put the note in an envelope and dropped it in her mailbox and just now I came home from work for lunch and I found her reply to my note dropped in our mailbox here is her response
Dear Young Man of course I can take your pants and underpants down and guide your bare bottom over my knee and spank it soundly I can be like a mother figure to your bare bottom over my knee for the next 5 weeks I would like you to see you at the front door of my house tomorrow morning at 8am sharp you are to be nicely presented and wearing your schoolboy uniform and make sure that you are also wearing your red underpants as your bare bottom will soon be the colour as your underpants when I take your pants and underpants down and soundly Spank your bare bottom over and over again alternating between your buttocks and your thighs Young Man I will make sure that you can't sit down for a week my hairbrush and your bare bottom are certainly going to have a chat Young Man make sure that nothing will hamper the removal of your pants and underpants Young Man I don't want anything to stand in the way of being able to take your pants and underpants down Young Man I will see you tomorrow morning at 8am sharp at my front door don't be late Young Man otherwise it won't just be the palm of my hand or my ebony hairbrush used on your bare bottom but my strap and the ping pong paddle Young Man just remember 8am sharp Young Man don't be late

Jul 12, 2021

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  • My Mom always spanked me when I did bad things, and I often did them to irritate her so she would. It was always bare bottom, too, my d*** would get hard and rub between her thighs, she never said anything about that.
    Once when I was about 15 or so, her sister was visiting, and they were talking about her kid, who is a little s***, and she mentioned she spanked him also. So I went into the kitchen and dropped a plate, broke it, and then I said some swear words that always got me spanked. Sure enough, Mom made my drop my pants right in front of her sister, my d*** was so hard it stuck straight out. Then Mom spanked me good, next her sister did it too, and a came fore the first time from my d*** stuck between her legs because she clamped her thighs down really tight. Both of them were giggling at that, I wanted to do something really bad so they would do it some more.
    Now I am starting college, and will be staying at her sister's place, I can hardly wait!

  • Is Clarissa a friend of the family? Your mom's friend? Neighbor? How do you know her?

  • She is a friend of my mother and also a neighbour and a mother herself who believes in Spanking naughty boys bare bottom over her knee with her hand or hairbrush or paddle

  • Can you please ask her if she can give me my first discipline spanking im 32 badly need to be punished for my actionsplus it will show mee someone cares enough to put me otk then put in a corner sobbing not allowed to rub

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