Being Homophobic is not ok

To the inbred f*** who wrote the “Being Gay is not ok” confession. You can go f*** yourself you white trash inbred hick.

This world doesn’t need any inbred f**** like you polluting the air supply.

Do the Human Race a favor and go kill yourself before someone else does and I hope your sorry hate filled white trash miserable ass gets put out of your misery

Jul 30, 2021

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  • I hate all ese words that end in -phobic. People arent scared.

  • Just don’t push that gay trash in others and live your life

  • I agree, being gay is fine but the way you choose to address it is wrong, using the term 'white trash' makes you just as ignorant but in a different way. You aint gonna make the world better by joining in

  • You should think about Jesus and what is natural

  • Lmao dumb ass idiot. Just wait for me to start my custom truck company and get rich, then I'll rent out city blocks to stop gay pride parades

  • Ok then, we'll stand just outside the area you own and yell, "GAY POWER!!! "

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