I sometimes wonder.

I had an awkward situation arise recently that I had to talk my way out of, Back in the day I had attended a family wedding, Due to the fact it was a small town and hotel rooms were in short supply my cousin and I agreed to share a room with her sister and her sisters then fiance, Now ex husband but anywhoo.
We went to the wedding and as per usual even though me and her were only 15 and 16 we were allowed to sneak the odd drink, Ok, Well we had more than the odd drink but eventually me and her were sent back to the hotel, We got our sleeping attire on and crawled into bed, I woke up when her sister and fiance came into the room and were "Frisky". I laid there and listened as her sister protested but eventually gave in and I was able to peek over my cousin and watch him pound her, I didn't get to see a lot of him since he had his d*** in her most of the time but I did get a big show at the end when he pulled out and straddled her chest and I got a full view of him from the side, He was an....Impressive guy and she tilted her head forward and moaned and groaned unhappily as she swallowed, When he pulled out she slapped his stomach and said "You're a fu@kin assh0le".
Ok, Well at 15 I will admit that got my...Blah, Blah, Blah but I couldn't do anything about it so I just laid there h0rny all night, I woke up early in the morning and was thinking about a quick bit of shower time if you get my drift but then I looked over and my cousin was facing her sisters bed and her sisters fiance was facing us. My cousin who was 16 had a bit of an awkward body, Her chest started to blossom when she was about 14 and those suckers didn't stop until she was almost 18 and by that time she was already a DD, Her sister was a D but she was easily a DD, Myself I had modest A's but still hadn't shaken the puffies and was always embarrassed about them but was so worked up I didn't care, I unbuttoned my top 3/4 of the way then I slid up behind my cousin, put one arm over her and one under her pillow, I slowly unbuttoned her top and opened it, I made sure I had one b00b showing and then put my arm around her and laid there cupping her massive b00b, I see why guys like playing with them and I still remember being surprised when her nip got hard, She has big ones and when they get hard they wrinkle right up and are about the size of my thumb to the first knuckle.
I laid there and laid there and FINALLY heard rustling, I looked over and it was him, I did a quick check to make sure I was still exposed and she obviously was but I had to gently move her right arm so her arm was laying on the side of her body and not covering her up, I heard him stretch and then heard him whisper "Holy f***", He was quiet but he must have grabbed his phone because next thing I knew there was a click and a flash, He muttered "F***" but no one moved, He must have changed his settings and then he went to work, It was already daylight out and he quietly opened the curtains a bit for more light and I peeked as I watched him take picture upon picture, He even whipped out his big hanger and dangled it over my cousins face and took pictures.
He started getting pretty bold and he pulled my cousins shorts down, took a couple pics of her bum and then with me on my back he opened up my top and took some pics, He then pulled my PJ's down, I was kind freaking out at that point, I didn't shave yet back then and had a helathy bit of shrubbery down there, He didn't seem to mind and even touched it a bit, He took a bunch of pics and then slid his thumb between my legs, I don't know if he made his thumb wet of if it was me but it slid right in, First thing in there ever at that time. Thank goodness my older cousin, his fiance started rustling and he quickly covered us with a blanket and went out to the patio to smoke.
8 years later my older cousin calls me and is upset, tells me to come over and I get there at the same time as the one I shared the bed with, She had found the pictures and kicked him out, Tried to convince us to press charges and I was able to talk my cousin out of it since I would feel awful since I am the one who baited him into doing it. I do however wonder if he has more copies hidden somewhere he still looks at.

Jul 31, 2021

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