Why the big deal?

Why is incest considered such a bad thing? I grew up in a household that practiced incest and I am a normal adjusted adult. And so are my 2 older sisters.
Growing up my parents were pretty much nudists so we all rarely wore clothes around the house. Nudity was no big deal to us. Also my parents had an "open door" rule in the home. And yes I did occasionally see them having s** as I walked past their bedroom. But again it was no big deal.
I will not say how old I was but this happened right at that teen time when my hormones kicked in and I found the joys of masturbation. I would retreat to my room for some private time when I thought everyone was occupied with something else. Right in the middle of taking care of myself my mom walked into my bedroom. I grabbed a pillow and covered up my b****. Mom sat down on the bed next to me. The conversation started with something like "it's time we talked". She explained our family was different than most and we were much closer. I was pretty confused and embarrassed still trying to cover up. Then it happened... Mom reached down and pulled the pillow away. She got on her knees beside the bed and started sucking my c***. I know I didn't last a minute before I got off. It was amazing! She told me I didn't need to hide, that s** was natural and I could come to her anytime.
Within a couple of days I was really clued in on our family secret. I walked past mom and dads room and heard noises. I assumed they were having s** so I peaked in. To my surprise dad had my sister face down on the bed f****** her like crazy! I quickly found out he had been f****** bot my older sisters for quite awhile.
Since that point in my life s** within the family seemed very natural. To this day I still have s** with my mother and sisters. Can't wait for those family gatherings!

Jul 31, 2021

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  • Why dont you if they arent impregnating each other than who is it hurting obviously not you and obviously not the incest product children as there are none so shut the f*** up and get your c*** out of your mouth and your priest hands off little boys a*******

  • It’s the best thing for a close-knit family!

  • Most of this stuff that I knew about was between siblings. In fact, most kids I grew up around were exposed to it in one way or another. My exposure was very young and very innocent. We grew out of it about the time we were allowed to go play with they neighbor kids our age.

    YEARS later, I was moving for a job that took me past my sister's area. I hadn't seen her in person since she got married, so I called and asked my sister if I could swing by, visit and maybe sleep on the couch for a night. She loved all but the part of staying over. After a while she dropped a truth bomb.

    My brother-in-law was bi and really into incest. To turn him on, my sister greatly exaggerated about our past in every way. If I stayed over that subject would come up and she didn't want to deal with it. She much preferred I swing by early and leave long before he got home from work. I agreed.

    Her husband had found out about me passing though town from other family just before I got there. Since he didn't skip work to meet me we still had a nice visit. My sister was lonely living there, far from family and friends, but as they were still childless, they were enjoying their time before settling down.

    When I asked about the husband's desire for today, she side-stepped it by explaining that since they were living FAR from family on either side, they were both nudists and swingers. When one brought home company both were expected to offer themselves. Wow. As for her husband, she was going to use a toy on herself, as soon as I left, so her husband could think what he wanted and be happy. TMI, but I asked so I couldn't blame her.

    Once I settled I got a housewarming gift in the mail from my brother-in-law. Since it looked like a s** tape of them I didn't watch it until YEARS later when I was transferring it from VHS to DVD. Wow. Makes me think of them in a very different light. Well they divorced and her new husband seems to be bland normal. Good for her

  • When our Dad left us, I was only four. My Mother always bathed me so that was normal and being nude in front of her was nothing, until I began having erections. I was about 12 or so. She continued to bathe me and I would sometimes e********, she just washed it off. As I got older things changed and she taught me about masturbation and often helped me. In all that time, she had one boyfriend, one day he was yelling at her about something, so I encouraged him to leave, it didn't take much effort, by them I was 6'2" and 235#. Yes, Mom often helped me with baths until I was in college and moved away.

  • This is the author of this confession. As I made clear I was raised in a manner that taught me nudity and s** were natural, even between family members. Heck I definitely didn't complain during those h**** teen years. I had two sisters and a mother that satisfied every sexual need I could think of. As we grew into adulthood and went our own ways with relationships outside the family we pretty much grew out of it. I still occasionally hook up with one of my sisters and it still feels very natural.

  • Never had s** with my mom but I had a very strong foot fetish even at a young age when I shouldn't have known about such things. Mom figured it out and allowed me to massage her feet and suck her toes. This went on till I was 7 months into my 17 years. By then I found a girlfriend that enjoyed my activities. We have been together now for over 27 years.

  • Incest is wholesome activity.

  • Evansville Man Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison for Rape, Incest

    44-year-old Jerry Tyrone Cook Jr. of Evansville was sentenced to 24 years in prison on Tuesday after being found guilty of two counts of Rape and one count of Incest in October 2020.
    Posted: Jan 12, 2021 4:47 PM
    Updated: Jan 12, 2021 4:57 PM
    Posted By: Adam Kight

    On Tuesday, Vanderburgh County Circuit Magistrate Kelli Fink sentenced 44-year-old Jerry Tyrone Cook Jr. of Evansville to 24 years after he was found guilty of Rape, Incest, and OMVWI back in October 2020.
    The prosecutor's office says in 2019, a victim of a sexual assault had arrived at the emergency room and claimed a family member, Cook, was responsible.

    During Cook's three-day trial, the jury was presented with DNA evidence and victim testimony characterizing the events that led up to the sexual assault.
    The jury found Jerry Tyrone Cook Jr. guilty of:

    * Rape (Level 3 Felony)
    * Rape (Level 3 Felony)
    * Incest (Level 5 Felony)
    * Operating a vehicle with an ACE of 0.15 or more (Class A Misdemeanor)

    “The victim in this case was willing to stand up and speak up,” explained Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann. “It’s that kind of bravery that we all should admire. I can’t thank our community partners enough for their supportive efforts during the entire process of this case.”

    His ass will get plenty of activity in prison.

  • Aww, the anti-incest warrior replied to that post.
    Considering that you had a 27-year incestuous relationship with your mother that would make you a hypocrite!

  • You are full of $hit. Incest is very bad and simply put 97% of incest occurs with a severely underage child! Thats why. Most common incest is father or male guardian with a female child under 5 years of age. Stop writing fake stories!

  • No most incest that isnt reported (around 72%) is from the female parent and the pubescent male child normally long after a divorce or just after a divorce to get back at the husband also often done by single moms whos husbands left after the child was born due to loneliness

  • Thank You. My Dad suddenly passed away when I was 16 , leaving us deep in debt and we lost our home. Mom and I moved into a tiny apartment in town with very little privacy. Mom had issues with anxiety and began to drink more than normal. After a few months, she found comfort in my arms and we became intimate. Many folks might condemn this, but until you're in that position, it's really hard to understand. At no time did I ever feel abused or "victimized" by my Mom.

  • Liar. Thanks to you I’m now doing it with my Dad. I’m 14 1/2 and he’s 37. It is people like you that put the idea of spreading wide for him.

    Thank you.

  • Hot! He’s a lucky man! And you’re a good girl! But remember shhhhh it’s our secret!

  • Your full of shitt. wanna be!

  • Hey lady b****, keep flailing. You strangle infants but pretend you’re greater than everyone else.

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