Call 1-800 FEET

Are you having issues with your Feet, would you like to talk about your feet and talk about any foot related stories? Then please give a call.

Did you get arrested for Foot Fondling, smelling a woman's feet in a University Library or sucked a Customer's Toes at Wal-Mart tell us about that. Also Do you really believe the Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly Confession is Fake or is there someone really going out doing such outrageous **?

Who knows but call the Toll Free Hotline now and we'll ask if you have socks on or not; Jake from State Farm told us he does.

Also have you ever cummed at the sight of seeing someone's feet; do you watch youtube videos to see if that Youtuber will show their feet or take their socks off on camera?

Do you ** to TIKTOK Videos at the chance of seeing someone's Feet on video?

Do you stalk people on Twitter or Facebook to look for pictures of their feet?
Give us a Call we want to hear your foot stories and remember all calls are toll free.

Also we will give advice on shoes to wear, do you wear socks? What do your feet smell like? Ever sucked toes? Just give us a call at 1-800 FEET are calls are toll free so give us a call and tell us everything you know about Feet.

Call 1-800 FEET

Call Now

Next Confession

Total humiliation

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  • You should have said 800 got feet foot sniffer.

  • Go back to Naughtyposts you **

  • So it is you foot sniffer! How are you? Sniff any feet lately? Remember sniff- sniff.
    PS hey foot sniffer you shouldn't get mad at the only person that replied to your sniffing story.

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