I can't find a girlfriend

I can't find a good girlfriend and that frustrates me quite a lot. I consider myself to be quite smart and even witty, with many interests, with a normal height but sporty and sociable. Yet, in real life I just meet girls that already have someone. On tinder and the likes I only match with girls that are obese or so. Nothing against them, but why can I not find a good girl who likes sport and with whom I can have decent conversation?

Aug 6

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  • Good question. Did you see the movie Shallow Hal? Maybe if you talk to the elephant good thing will come when your hot neighbor Jill wants to go to dinner then back to her place for s**. Watch the movie it might work. When the hot girls see your not shallow you'll get some hot girl action. As for me I keep plugging away at the fatties. I don't mind really cause while your crying in your pillow at night sad and alone getting lots of poon tang yeah baby.

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