I’m getting fat on purpose and I love it

About a year ago I put on a bit of weight and suddenly my ** was bigger and my ** were bigger and I was overall curvier and suddenly I felt sexier I liked it so I thought il experiment and put on a few more pounds to round myself out a bit. I stopped working out and doing any form of exercise and stopped watching what I eat and eat out a lot and the weight piled on rapidly. It seemed like the more I gained the more I liked it. I love the way fat feels and how soft and squishy it is and I love going out in tight clothes and crop tops it makes me feel ** and I don’t wanna stop I don’t think I can stop eating. My friends and families are getting worried over a year ago I was clean healthy living and in a year my bmi is obese and I’m smoking a pack a day but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

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  • This is me. I want to eat till I have a sagging belly, and my family is worried about my weight. I’m going to go find some donuts, pizza and heavy cream :)

  • Keep on packing on that blubber, fat women are **

  • Glad to find this post. I put on over 100 pounds in the quarantine. I told myself when it was just 30 pounds that I'd lose it when it was over, but my husband started going crazy over me, partly because my ** went from 34 to 38 DD, and the ** was so awesome and he was so encouraging that I started eating a whole pint of ice cream every night. I outgrew every pair of jeans and every dress I owned - I actually ripped the dress one night when I sat down, just blew it to bits. And just kept eating and gaining weight and here I am at 246 pounds at 5'3. And I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, typing naked, and my stomach reaches almost to my knees and both sides of my ** are hanging over the chair. :)

  • I love this story. I’m an extreme gainer and have just tipped over 725lbs. I’m trying to get my belly to grow out so it sits on the floor. It’s past my knees and it looks fantastic. I’m all belly so it’s huge and round. My stretch marks are an inch or more wide and the whole look has my skinny feeder wife ecstatic. Sexually we both get off on the comparison of our bodies - one huge and one tiny. And the rate she is putting fat on me is like ** as ** as well. The speed she is growing me out is accelerating as I tolerate more food and my body basically gives in and just adds everything I eat to fat. Our goal is to get me to 1,200lbs so I’ve a way to go. But I just enjoy being massively obese so much. And all I have to do is sit and eat. It’s wonderful.

  • You will be dead well before you hit the 1200 pound mark. It's almost a garrentee.

  • My wife is around your height and was around your weight now when we met. She's now 400 pounds and I love every ounce. I wish she wanted to gain more. I would love to get her up over 500. Are you still gaining?

  • My wife is your height 5'-3" and weighs twice what you weigh. She is a total butterball and I would change it for the world. When we married 7 years ago she was around 200lbs and she loves food so I've just fed her and fed her and after 2 kids she just kept getting bigger and bigger. She says the bigger she gets the sexier she feels. A lot of guys have a problem with their wives or girlfriends getting fat but they have no idea what they are missing.

  • What rock do they breed freaks like you under?

  • Has anyone told you, I mean like in the last 20 minutes, that you're an **? Allow me, **.

  • I agree with the person who posted below. Keep gaining full speed ahead. That's what I'm doing and having an absolute blast. I've packed on around 120 pounds and intend to keep on gaining. And like the OP, I too smoke. I find that with the smoking and the increasing weight, I gain faster because I tend to be more out of shape and thus, less active.

  • I have enjoyed being fat more than anything else. The potential health risks are known, but like a set of bad brakes, do not slow down the feeding and gaining. The humiliation and abuse are increasingly appreciated since I inevitably attract attention with my piggish appearance and behavior. I have people who accept me as I am, and look for those who want to encourage further gains. Thanks for listening

  • That’s great I’ve spent the last year gaining with the help of my boyfriend and I love being fat so much. My family are worried sick and lecture me about the health risks but frankly the pleasure of being fat outweighs the risks

  • I feel you here. Did you ever catch yourself in the mirror naked, too, and be horrified but turned on at how fat you are, how saggy and big and dumpy?

  • Yes! I love the slight shock of horror I get when I catch my reflection and see what I've done to my body. The new stretchmarks, the cellulite, the hanging belly, the sheer size of me. It repulses me, but turns me on beyond belief.

  • Strechmarkrs are **

  • It's your life, if you're happy who cares what other people think. I personally love seeing people gain weight and I'm a health nut. I've seen a lot of bigger people that were healthy even though they get fat. You do you. If you want to get fat then get fat... Live your best life.

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