The Fear In My Enemy's Eye

I am at work. For the first time, I saw fear in others.How did this happen? Well it began a few years ealier.I am15. A kid named Issac used to pick on me and made everyone I was gay. In truth I am bi, but I act as a phobic to cover it. Fast forward. I'm now 17.Issac works with me now. He tries to trip me etc. One day in the kitchin, he slaps me with a towl. Rage consumes me, I grab him by the neck and choke him. I then looked in his eyes, and saw utter fear.I let him go and ran. I fear my own power

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  • To scrare on person isn't power. Power is seeing fear in the eyes of all you work with, fear of what you can do if you decide to ruin their lives. When you see that fear, you will understand how intoxicating it is and will learn to relish it.

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