Boxing My Girlfriend's Best Friend

So Things Between Me And My Girlfriend Has Been Great Until Yesterday ..
We Began Dating A Week Ago Things were going great she told me that she
had a best friend which she wanted me to meet she said that he was into boxing and actually great at it .

So I Was Little insecure about him . We went to meet him and go on party afterwards we meet him at the boxing club he also met me and hugged my gf right in front of me she also seemed comfortable . they flirted while they talked so i resisted and said her i think we should leave him and go to our party .
it sounded super rude there he said chill bro and after this i made biggest mistake of my life . I SAID " Wanna Do A Boxing Match "
He Responed Suprisingly Yes Why Not Let's Go Now .. My Gf Said No He'll Win For Sure And You'll Get Hurt . I Felt so humiliated . I Said Will See Later

Round 1 - We Started Out Great Him Destroying Me Straight From Start And Me Getting Thrashed While My Girlfriend Reacting With Putting her hand on her nose everytime i get hit .

Round 2 - I already felt that i will be losing this easily he punched me straight in face which started to bleed and then connected a jab straight at my eye which turned blacked after 2 mins he got some blows at my stomach 2 which turned my belly sore and red after that i falled straight on ground and got back up before the count of 10 .

Round 3 - I Was Beaten To Pulp In Round 3 He Was A Beast My Gf Was Red From The Embarrasment and worried for me while other girl were rooting for him i was distracted looking at them then suddenly he kneed my stomach really hard as i was falling he connected a hook straight at my face .
I was knocked out there they counted till 10 and i was'nt able to get up

Now My Girlfriend nursed me while giiggling and commented " i thought he is gonna kill you I'm Glad You survived It "

I'm Embarrased as Helll

Aug 17, 2021

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