I'm still in love with the girl who ghosted me

This summer I honestly wasn't trying for anything serious I just wanted to have a fun freeing summer. Then this girl I use to go to high school with suddenly matched up with me we went out for drinks, we hit it off almost immediately, we had s** our second date then continued dating for a month and a half. Having the most fun I've had in such along time along with the best s**, me opening up about s*** I had honestly forgotten about, and just having fun. Then about a week ago she just up and vanished. Fast forward a few days a friend sends me this tictok of her talking about how she was still in love with guy from 2016 thinking it was about me. IDK why but it hurt so much worse than her just ghosting me. Like did I ever even really have a chance, was I just not good enough(side note the guy literally ran her over with a car), and why do I still want to reach out to her even when I know nothing will come from it. I know that she is an emotionally damaged person and I still want the best for her but at the same time I just want to yell at her that she missed out on a guy that would gave her the world if I could have. I honestly want to text her something just to say goodbye in hope of some form of closure but I know it never really helps. Especially because she had so little respect for me she couldn't just say how she felt.

Aug 17, 2021

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