I did my sister

My sister is a prostitute. She has been hooked on drugs for 2 years. My parents tried to get her help but nothing worked. After her stealing from them for the 100th time they finally had to kick her out and get a court order for her to stay away.
A few weeks ago a friend told me he saw her hanging out around a truck stop in a neighboring town. I started cruising by there when I was in the area and finally saw her. I watched as she walked around in a slutty outfit and got in and out of trucks. It didn't take Einstein to figure out she was prostituting,
The thought of it turned me on and when I got the chance I drove up and talked to her. She asked me to loan her a few bucks. Instead I offered to give her money if she f***** me. She blew up, called me a sick pervert and walked away.
A week later I went back and found her again. She looked awful and I could tell she was in need of a fix. This time she got in the car. We drove behind an empty building. She got in the back seat, pulled up her skirt and took off her panties. I got in between her legs and f***** her. She cried the whole time.
I plan on going back soon.

Aug 21

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  • I found out my older sister had a few "sugar daddies" which is basically s** for money. One day me and a buddy were at her apartment and I let it slip that I knew. She freaked out! I promised on a million bibles I would not tell our parents or family. After she calmed down she told us to stick around and grab a beer. She kept checking her phone and texting. Finally she walked over to me and gave me a big hug and peck on the lips. She said she wanted to "thank me for keeping her secret". I thought she was really going to f*** me! Then the doorbell rand. In walked a hot blonde my sisters age. My sister introduced her as "Lisa". Lisa took me by the had and led me into the bedroom as my sister yelled "thanks bro". Lisa f***** me every way possible for 2 hours. I walked out smiling only to see my sister and my buddy getting dressed. My sister f***** him, THAT LUCKY B******!!! I wish it had been reversed and I had my sister. I might give it a try though...

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