The Continued Vent by Emily Preibus

I’m in love, happily in love…but it’s not a peaceful love and I’m a newlywed still. My problems are the past women who will not get over to accept the fact I have won over the man who everyone said that is for the streets actor Marcel Shihadeh. Me a 19 year old woman has made a grown man who is 26 change into this sober, family, full of Christ man that these hoes claim they were in love with him, but couldn’t help with his addiction. All y’all did was made him worse with his demons while I made him better even though he is still cheating on me with all of the blondes, brunettes, gingers, and the women of color that he only fetishizes about that he will never commit to. Yes, I already know that I’m being groomed by him, but I love him and I was taught you’re supposed to listen to your man to stand by him even if he cheats, gets other women pregnant, give me constantly STDs, all of his friends and family make fun of me for being a naive blonde, his past hoes put witchcraft on me to make me dead…but it didn’t work neither did the break up spell….not sorry but haven’t y’all read my tarot cards to show y’all that I’m actually the Divine Feminine and y’all hoes are karmics from past lives and it’s really time for y’all to close this chapter with him Soo I can finally have my man in peace! I’m tired of going on saying that man has never given any f**** about y’all because if he did then he would have been said he was sorry a long time ago for getting y’all hoes pregnant to then ghost y’all which I don’t believe at all. I trust my man 100 percent and I believe everything that he has said. I’m his wife I’m supposed to agree with my husband even whenever the real truth comes out about these hoes that isn’t going to change the fact that I will still be with him as well as following him on all of his social media’s as the first person you click on his followers to let y’all hoes know that I’m number one and y’all could never be one! I’m tired of saying that I’m his number one because I’m wholesome, I read the Bible everyday versus y’all sinners, I never miss a day in church, I grew up on Bible camp, cursing was a sin in my house…but I don’t curse a lot but y’all hoes curse like Sailors just like that weird pin up girl who have all her cats name nautical theme who me and my husband copy her social media creations which we make money from people of color creators on TikTok and other social media to take their stuff to make it our own and we get all of the credit and they don’t because of the color of their skin and everyone knows if you’re a white creator like my husband Marcel Shihadeh and me Emily Preibus Shihadeh that if you want followers and people give you attention you have to steal black peoples or any person of color content to make it look like you created it to get all over the credit from someone’s else work. Like my husband Marcel Shihadeh has been doing for years he has been only hanging out with colored people and f****** colored women just to steal their content to help make his movies go to the mainstream. Which his movies are going to the mainstream. I’m going to soon be the wife of the biggest movies star in the world Marcel Shihadeh and none of y’all hoes can’t stop what is destined to be with y’all witchcraft I’m not sorry y’all were hoes and he treated y’all in such that manner. Maybe if you’re pretty, white, blonde, skinny, natural blue eyes, drives an expensive car, don’t really ever have to work a day in my life because everything is handed to me even more now since I’m married to Marcel Shihadeh I don’t have to work or go to school I can be my dream to be a famous actress/model married to a celebrity! My god is good! I love my god Romans 12:12-16 that b**** gives me everything I want because god is a f****** genie. Look at how god is good to me, but not y’all hoes he has answered my prayers for Onlyfans to be canceled just like the rest of the p*** sites that brings on sinners like the way my husband used to be. I’m glad I was his blessing all y’all hoes would have done was kill him like have his friends and family set him up to be killed because y’all jealous of his success and wealth and he wants no part of being bothered with any of y’all. I have made him only want to be bothered with my friend group the Jesus Nuts of LSU because we all white and pure not mixed no other colors but white and white pride is a wonderful thing when the good Lourde has blessed you with everything in this life because you were born white. Y’all hoes can’t relate because y’all always being racially profiled and some man’s sexual fetishized and that is what god has made you ever be in this life sexual fetishized for every white man or any man because y’all are mixed and mixed means exotic in American culture when you’re mixed you’re an experiment to begin if your man wants to be with another prettier and skinnier woman of color the same race as my enemy except lighter or darker it’s never the caramel complexions who get pick by me for them to love and treat them with respect. Y’all saw how my husband had dog that underground p*** star who was a weed blogger pink something I forgot whole social media and p*** site screenname because she is a parasite that I hate and all of my friends and husband friends hate because she won’t go away no matter how much I pray her demons are attached to my husband and I try baptizing my husband and her demons won’t leave my husband’s soul. She might just be a very powerful witch? I don’t care my husband will never apologize for ghosting and getting her pregnant then leaving her for me almost two years ago and she still have a grudge on him and me and now my friends since we started beef with her in February because she made a memes page about my husband to ruin our careers. His career wasn’t ruin because of that memes page he was unbothered by it and we just thought you were pathetic like the pathetic miserable bitter stupid ugly fat dumb dirty evil b**** you are seriously you can’t stop a divine union that is meant for me to happen for me not you because my god doesn’t like you. My god hates you because you’re colored. Wake up everyone hatred colored people look at how they treat you as the manager when you weren’t doing s** work. Which you can’t stay out of s** work because everyone gives you more money but not the same amount as if you were a 5’6 skinny white girl with blue eyes and naturally long blonde hair to my ass which you can’t grow your hair to your ass you can only grow your real hair to your back, but your momma, half sisters, and even children all have hair that goes down to their a**** like me but they’re not white…but your kids are mixed with White and Asian. Not my fault that my god hates you Soo much that you literally had to change your features and even fashion style to even much attract men and even women now. I guess men are finally realizing that you’re a w**** who ain’t s*** and will never be s*** or love or wanted or anything by anyone and especially god. God hates you I want you to know that because if he loves you then he would have let you be with my husband Marcel Shihadeh and I would have never came into the picture….but maybe if you learn to express your true emotions when the people who off and on out of your life like my husband was because he don’t even much talk to I made sure you’re blocked on all of his social media Soo you can’t take his content to do witchcraft on him to make him failed. When I’m tired of saying that my husband Marcel Shihadeh and I relationship, lifestyle, career, living status in LA, and friendships have been divinely guided by our white god! There is no witchcraft to stop my relationship nor my husband’s future because y’all hoes are mad that he has never wanted you and he was just at a bad part of his life just like y’all hoes except he rise up to sober up completely while y’all still struggle with the bottle and it’s not my fault the government funded rehabilitation programs don’t help maybe if y’all were white with money like me and my husband then maybe y’all will be able to be clean from alcohol and hard drugs like him but y’all don’t want to leave s** work where the alcohol is in it. Y’all hoes can avoid hard drugs at the brothel. But y’all hoes can’t avoid booze if you clients are forcing your mouths open to drink it after y’all hoes said no that is the difference between why I’m married to my husband Marcel Shihadeh and y’all are not even much claim except pathetic because y’all didn’t have boundaries to tell him no like I did to s** and everything else. Y’all rule y’all relationships through p**** and witchcraft because that is all you have to offer. I have real money not an onlyfans you were only rich because you did of which no one really gave you a p*** deal because you don’t fit the features just like modeling and acting. Who wants a mixed woman under 5ft with weird tattoos and curly nappyginger hair which is still weird to be a caramel colored to have naturally red hair which you hide it well through all that pink…but isn’t your whole daddy side of the family female are gingers but y’all French/Spanish islanders though I guess that is what your family has a history of f****** white men to have their babies to not take care of your half white children because these white men only want pure white kids. Y’all a breed fetishizers just like my husband craves women of Color p**** more than white women like me but he wouldn’t come out to say it because he knows I can have my family kill him if he leaves me. The Preibus is just like the Shihadeh we’re in politics and blue lives matter too f*** the black, brown and the trans lives matter movement because y’all don’t exist in god’s world or church that why there are Baptist and Jehovah Witnesses because that religion is made for people of color because I have never saw any white peoples in the Kingdom Hall even for the Lawd’s Dinner and their Summer Awake/Watchtower tours!

Aug 25, 2021

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  • I confirmed what my bestie has posted is true. If y’alls want to know all about their life just follow Marcel Shihadeh TikTok Marcel_Marcel4, Snapchat Marcelshahada, Instagram Emily_Preibus, and Twitter Emily_Preibus to see what is up in their Christian Conservative Shreveport household. As well as their Facebook Emily N Preibus and Marcel Shihadeh for whenever the extremely happy actors who are in love with each other post their latest film, tv, and Emily’s new country album coming out 10/31!

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