Playing Chess with Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes who were only placeholders until my wife Emily Shihadeh decided to say yes to my proposal. I will never feel bad for dating her while I was a grown man and she was under 18 in high school. I was talking to older women that were only my fetish because they were nonwhite women when I was in the beginning stages with my wife. I’m aware of the witchcraft that has been done on me, my family, my friends, my wife’s friends, my wife’s family, and as well as our unborn kids. I have to say idgaf like I never given a f*** about the b**** I knock up to ghosted to be with my current wife. Which that witchy b**** will always feel some kind of a way which I still don’t care maybe if you wasn’t a hoe and you were white, skinny, and pretty with real money as well as not in your 30s then maybe I would have treated you better. I don’t care if you make me and my wife into memes. I don’t care how much you make me look bad in the entertainment industry. Remember I’m white and I’m still going to be famous just like you can’t stop my destiny with your witchcraft. My wife had tarot cards done to show wtf you are which is irrelevant, bitter, and pathetic and broke which no man isn’t going to love you. I’ve never wanted you, but I will never be a man to come out to say that you never meant anything to me even when I was cool with you. It was just s** not even much a friendship, your feelings never matter to you like my wife Emily Shihadeh. I will always go out of my way to defend her in front of her face, but not behind her back. I truly don’t care if other women disrespect my wife because I tested her with my enemy to let her drag my wife and I all over the internet to the point my wife is scared to post on her TikTok EmSilly1, Instagram and Twitter _emilypreibus_, and snapchat EmilyP_29. I know that I can allowed my side b****** and enemy to disrespect my wife and all I can tell her is that these hoes are crazy and to just ignore it then I give her money and my d*** and an acting or modeling opportunity then she is back happy again. The witchcraft my enemy has try to send towards me DIDNT work! I’m still alive, my friends are still alive, my family is still alive, my pets are still alive, and my wife and her friends and family are still alive! No one is dead! You can’t break me and my wife up with witchcraft! It’s not working all it did was reverse itself into a love spell. I’m happy with my wife, even though I get bored with other women it’s because my wife is a prude and I know that no matter what I do to her. She will always come back to me. I can run all over her that is why I love her and none of the rest of the women I’ve slept with unprotected (no, I never used rubber on any of the women I sleep with because I want to feel the real woman insides and yes I have given my wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh many STDs but she still said yes even though I f*** a couple of her friends to then tell her to stop being friends with these people and she listens to me) I could care less if y’all thinking I’m grooming a 19 year old because I’m 26! Y’all are wrong I’m just telling her how to become a woman, since the women my age and older are damaged hoes and I don’t want a woman who has over 600 partners like my enemy or is in s** work like my enemy or work at a 9-5 as a life cover up because my enemy doesn’t make enough money to support her $400-700 a day weed spending habits. I want a sober woman to help me stay sober even though none of us are sober. I just like to pretend like I have been sober for two years for clout and my casting agent told me to have my social media private on Instagram at MarcelNoShoesOn and my TikTok Marcel_Marcel4 and my Snapchat MarcelShahada my wife is never sober that b**** be going to her job The Bullfish Bar coke out, drunk, bard out, and high on weed. But she is a wonderful manipulator (I have taught her well, she was pure until she met me) She will have y’all thinking she is all about her Bible and staying abstinence, but she has been f****** me since I had made it official to be her husband! She has done the right thing to not give it up the first night. All my friends love her versus the other hoes. They thought y’all were crazy or I just didn’t tell them about them like the way I was with my enemy. No one knew I was with my enemy because she is not white and I have an image I’m trying to keep. My wife Emily Shihadeh is the perfect image for my arms! She is the poster cover for my life! She is what my casting director wants to see me be married and in a relationship with not with a black girls or any non white girl. That b**** will always feel some kind of a way because I ghosted her and got her pregnant and she lost the baby which isn’t my fault I’m actually is glad because if that child was alive I wouldn’t have my wife Emily Shihadeh Nah let me take that back no I still will have my wife I just wouldn’t claim that child like the other children my wife doesn’t know about that I have told her that these were just crazy women who think I’m their kids baby they just only want me for my money and fame. The only person who deserves my money and fame is my wife Emily Shihadeh! Y’all can’t stop a Divine union. You can’t stop my destiny I’m entitled to everything in the world because God loves White peoples! I don’t have karma for treating people like s***. I most definitely don’t have Karma for treating my enemy like the way I did for her to place witchcraft on anyone that is affiliated with me. Since she can’t hurt me because I can’t take her spells then my friends, my hoes, my wife’s friends, my coworkers, my wife’s coworkers and my in laws are supposed to get the witchcraft to basically make them suffer Soo I can be hurt since I can’t be physically hurt which isn’t working. I’m like sit down you pathetic b**** and take the L! I will never apologize for knocking you up and ghosting you because I don’t owe you s*** because your feelings never meant anything to me, you were just a piece of ass like the rest of the men. You will never be anyone’s girlfriend or wife. You’re too old, you’re broke, you have too many s** partners, every man in the US has slept with you and watch your PornHub and your onlyfans, you’re not mother material because you don’t have any emotions or a heart, you don’t know how to cook, bake or clean, you really don’t have any goals except to be a trophy wife which you can’t be because you are black, you’re not that intelligent because if you were then you could have seen that you were only my sexual experiment and I don’t regret wasting your time, I never even much paid for any of the dates I went on with you. Tbh I never really considered them as dates you were just my something to do because my wife Emily Shihadeh or other b****** cancel out on me and I just wanted to get laid and talk about my life, but I never care to want to hear about your life because you never meant anything to me! That is probably why the witchcraft isn’t working on me. I was just meant to be in your life to make you never want to date or be in a relationship with a white man. I’m glad I have taught you to never want to be with a white man ever again. I’m proud that I have not only made you hate me, but hate all white peoples especially women who look like my wife Emily Shihadeh. I’m glad that everytime you come across a woman that look like my wife you’re going to automatically assume she is like my wife Emily Shihadeh to be prejudiced and mean towards her. I’m very proud of that and it makes me feel good about myself as well as my wife Emily Shihadeh is proud of you to finally wake up to realize that all white peoples only want blacks and other people of color for their genes or to experiment. I’m glad your dumb ass has finally realized that all you ever be to white men are their slaves and toys whenever they get bored with their white goddess queens. F*** interracial relationships they’re only meant for clout! I’m glad I will never be in one! If I’m in an interracial relationship after my marriage is over it’s because my casting agent told me to be in. relationship with a black woman or a non white woman that look totally opposite my wife Emily Shihadeh! I love my contracts in Hollywood. I’m about to make it big. There isn’t anything that can stop me, not even much witchcraft. I don’t have karma because I always forgive myself and the other people who I have purposely hurt to redo it again without ever learning my lesson because I don’t care. The only thing I care about in life is my acting career to make it into Hollywood, my pregnant wife, my wife, and our pure white friends and family. I love being in all white movies, all white family, my girlfriend family is all white, my friends are all white (I don't claim the non White friends they are only on my pages for clout and because my casting director told me I have to include the non White peoples, which I hate. I think anyone who isn’t white is the devil and they’re dirty af). Yeah I’m a racist, my wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh is a racist, my dad Ed and my mom Margeaux and my sis Claire Shihadeh is a racist, my wife’s whole family and friends belong to the KKK in Shreveport and Baton Rouge. I will never leave Louisiana once I make it big! F*** Hollywood living I rather the money because you can take a buck out of the south but you can’t the hunting of the doe out of him. I’m a proud Sunday boy, my dad is an FBI agent and the Dean of criminology at LSU I didn’t need to be around non White peoples with my dad having a high ranking like that! I’m not even much allowed to bring home anyone black. Non White peoples are banned from my dad’s house, my house, my wife’s family and friends house. Life is wonderful being white!

Sep 17, 2021

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