Staying Sober by Marcel Shihadeh

Sober…I lie…. I’m not really sober. I haven’t been fully sober in two years. I still have a drinking and drug as well as s** addiction. I’m basically lying to the world saying I’m sober, but no one knows it because I have hide it away from everyone. None of my pure white friends are sober. I’m always partying with my wife every weekend. I have to keep up with my 19 year old wife and her friends and my other underage friends. I’m immature af and I don’t hangout with anyone that is older than me. I don’t even much date older women. I’m Soo over the older women. They’re demanding, damage, bitter, too many kids, as well as all older women are used and wash out like my enemy. I rather date an extremely younger woman to train her into the woman I would like to married like my wife Emily Shihadeh. My wife Emily Shihadeh was a woman of God and still is but I have turn her on from the Bible into drinking and doing drugs all day long like me. She even has dropped out of school to have my babies and to be my power wife as an actress and model like me! My wife and I are the power couple that everyone is jealous of! Look at my beautiful wife’s Instagram and Twitter at _emilypreibus_ TikTok EmSilly1 and her Snapchat EmilyP_29 to see that I’m not lying that I have the most beautiful and sweetest woman in the world which my enemy hated and put witchcraft on us which it didn’t work. All my enemy witchcraft has done was turn into a love spell and all my squad is winning. No one dies in my world. My wife and I have never experienced death of anyone we love in our lives. We are not from the streets like my enemy and the other damage hoes that I have cheated on (is still cheating on) my wife with due to her not being able to satisfy me sexually in bed. Y’all know she was a virgin when I got with her so I had to teach her how to suck d***, ride d***, how to deep throat, how to do it doggy, I force her to enjoy 69, she is a prude that doesn’t participate in public s**, she doesn’t believe in doing threesomes, she is one hundred percent against doing anything on cam as well as attending orgy parties. I do all my sexual kinky stuff that my wife Emily Shihadeh won’t do for me with non white women because if I manipulate them into thinking I’m going to be there friend or have the potential to date or be in a relationship with them then they will give it up to me. Then after I nut in a non white woman and if she gets pregnant I will ghost her to go back to my wife Emily Shihadeh! My wife Emily Shihadeh is trained to understand that I’m a good man and this what real men who love their wives do cheat on them. It’s ok for my wife Emily Shihadeh to cheat on me with my friends because I’m ok with sharing her with my guy friends because they think she is the most attractive woman that I have ever been with. She is the only woman that I claim openly. The rest of the damage hoes I don’t claim I just sneak out at night while she is sleeping to go to their house to get the things that I want sexually that my wife Emily Shihadeh either doesn’t want to perform on me or it hurts to do. By my wife Emily Shihadeh being an experienced woman , my d*** hurts her ever time I f*** her. Tbh I could care less about who I get pregnant or STDs while cheating on my wife because she will always take me back. I knew when choosing a woman to be my wife I knew that my wife Emily Preibus was going to be the one because she is the only woman that will take me back after I have cheated on her, my wife is the only woman who will take me back after I have let my enemy bash her all over the internet to the point my wife is scared to post and to leave her house, my wife is the only person who allows me to keep on running game on her, I have chosen my wife Emily Shihadeh because I wanted to get married to have a family and she was the most convenient and naive woman for me to do things with, my wife is the only woman who has gullible and naive friends just like her that don’t care if I cheat on her, if my enemies blast our relationship to make her an internet joke on all social media, my wife’s female friends are just as easy to f*** behind my wife’s Emily Shihadeh back like the damaged hoes that I have met on Tinder and at social functions. My wife Emily Shihadeh is the only woman who is easy enough for me. I love an easy woman that I can manipulate into thinking that she has won, but in reality she is just the convenient one who is willing to put up with all my s*** without saying anything because if I was to be in a relationship with my damage hoes then I wouldn’t be able to get away with anything. My wife Emily Shihadeh will just cry and b**** about it to her friends for them all to tell her that I’m a good man even though I have given her STDs, punch her, slept with her friends and family, made her dropped out of school and soon I’m going to make her leave that job at The Bullfish Bar with them Haitians and their Papa Legba ruler! She don’t have to work, I have money I’m going to be a famous actor and director just like those Tarot Cards my wife started to become into after my enemy told her that I was her divine masculine to her divine feminine. My wife Emily Shihadeh and I share lives like my sister Claire and I were twins in another life! I need a woman that I can build into a wife not a woman who has experienced being f*** over by every man in the world to the point I have to be patient with her to teach her love because no one grew telling her she was beautiful and love and that all she is made to be is a hoe no I rather the f*** not! I’m perfectly satisfied dating innocent women who are into the Bible, dont f*** on the first date, didn’t come from two parent family, didn’t grew up on Tanf, section 8, food stamps, and welfare, didn’t live in the projects, didn’t grew up in the ghetto, didn’t get touch by everyone growing up, didn’t get Rape by your boyfriends, didn’t grew up watching your parents and grandparents violently fight each other and the rest of the family, don’t carry guns, don’t come from a family of felons, isn’t a felon, never strip or work at s** work jobs like Hooters or have done p***, haven’t slept with my friends without my permission, and has never experienced eating a woman out or being eaten out by a woman. I basically want a Virgin like my wife Emily Shihadeh who is extremely wholesome because I know I can manipulate into thinking I’m a decent guy to never believe my enemy and exes because they’re jealous of us and they’re just crazy and they’re just mad because I will always treat my wife Emily Shihadeh better than anyone. If our relationship end I won’t ghost her nor get her pregnant to ghost. I will give her closure whenever our relationship ends which is never. I don’t owe the rest of the damage hoes that have psychologically damaged an apology nor closure because I don’t get karma and I’m going to always be blessed by using my wife’s Emily Shihadeh energy to protect me from witchcraft and karma. We keep that Romans 12:12-16 Bible open 24/7 in our house! I’m good, there is no such thing as Karma that is for those broke and non white people. I’m white, white people don’t get karma, that is what non white peoples get for not being white. My wife Emily Shihadeh who thumps the Bible can say that God hates everyone who isn’t white. Just look at how God has blessed me to be part of my wife Emily Shihadeh life knowing that I’m not really a good person after what I have done that I will refuse to come clean to my wife about the real tea for why my enemy is doing witchcraft on everyone as well as what I have truly done to my enemy to make her bash me, my wife, our friends and family with witchcraft and other s***! I’m not going to be man enough to tell her the full story because I don’t care at all because she is still going to be with me lying or if I tell the truth. I have already won my wife Emily Shihadeh. I don’t have to try hard to keep her because she is an easy doormat like the way my enemy view her and that I can easily take advantage of and she won’t even much notice because she truly is naive little girl who doesn’t understand the game like her friends I can persuade into getting into their draws whenever she is in the other room. My life is good, no witchcraft here! I don’t believe in witchcraft and you can’t put no spell on me to break us up! We’re in a divine union! I am Emily Shihadeh Divine Masculine, Twin Flame, and Soul Mate the tarot cards and the crystal ball proves it. I can also telepath with my wife every night when she isn’t in the same room as me. I have never telepath with none of y’all damaged hoes not even much my enemy who is supposed to be a high priestess and I’m like b**** where? I’m not dead yet, I have never experienced any death of my friends and family or pets. My wife and I have never been to a funeral because people in our lives don’t die because God protects us and we can f*** everyone over to not have karma because we’re white with privileges. God only grants white privileged to his people! Thank god I’m white, thank god my wife is white, thank god my whole family is white, thank god my whole entire friend group is white, thank god I was born into the right family a white family because I would self hate myself too if I was black especially a black woman or mixed woman knowing that all I ever be to any man is fetish to have to throw away and ghost once he gets bored or see the Emily Preibus type of woman, thank god my wife family is white, thank god my casting director is white, thank god my crew is white, thank god the students that I tutor are white, thank god my father’s is the criminology Dean at LSU for being white because I can tell my kids that their paw paw is a legend that should be respected in social sciences, and I most definitely is thanking god my future kids are white like seriously why would I want a mixed kid I have to teach them culture and I don’t want that! I don’t have any culture!

Sep 17, 2021

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  • Unless you're blond and your skin turns pink in the sun, then you're not white. You're swarthy, like Spaniards, Italians, Greeks and Syrians. I can already visualize your hairy pit of an a****** and I wanna smack your soft little tushy! Woop woop!

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